Santharian game, also called Footbones or Barbardice, often played for money. It quite very popular because it is very easy to learn, there isn't much equipment required to play it and finally there is always the prospect of winning some coins.

. This game’s origin is reflected in one of its alternate names, "Barbadice". It has been played by the Kuglimz tribes since time immemorial, and memorialized in their oral histories which date back to the time of the War of the Chosen. Historically Astragals has been played for money, and to date that has not changed; as a result it is not often played among the upper classes who see it as rather beneath them. Currently, however, a few mages at the Academy of Ximax are making a study of the game with a view towards developing a theory of chance and probability. We are in hopes that this will not ruin the game’s appeal but rather broaden it! It could have significant educational applications in the latter case... Return to the top

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Equipment. In order to play Astragals the following equipment is necessary:

Two sheep’s ankle bones (have six distinct faces and angles), each etched with the numbers 1-6.
2.) A flat surface.
3.) Money.
4.) A cup is sometimes used but considered overly refined by most.
5.) In case of the "Divide and Conquer" variant: Pebbles and a map.
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Game Set-Up. Players must agree on which of the many variations of dice games they will play, and the size of the bets they are placing.
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Rules. Widely varied, depending on the game. Some common ones are listed below.

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