Battle of the joint forces of the Milkengradian and helcrani dwarves against the dark elves of Alvang at 70 b.S. The battle ended in a terrible defeat of the dwarven army.

The Battle at the Fores

View picture in full size Picture description: The joint forces of the Milkengradian and the helcrani dwarves, avenging the deaths of their fellow dwarves. Picture drawn by Faugar.

It is reported that early in the year of 70 b.S. renegade dark elves ambushed the dwarven Nerterean fratra of the Milkengrad clan at the Aurora Fields near Salsaír. This incident entered the history books as the "Desecration of the Aurora Fields" as the Fields were deemed sacred land of the Goddess Jayriall, the Goddess of Harvest and Fertility. The elves leading the ambush were followers of the dark elven lord, the notorious Móh'rónn Saban Blackcloak, who had erected his fortress at Alvang, in the midst of the inland water of the Ancythrian Sea. As is known by now, the main intention of the insideous ambush of the elves was to deliver masses of dead bodies which were later on used for necromantic experiments of their lord. Even more horrible than this senseless slaughtering itself is the fact that the bodies of the fallen dwarves were already re-animated by the Móh'rónn's dark magic soon and used in battle against their former fellow dwarves, who set out a few months later in order to avenge the deaths of hundreds of their relatives.

This battle for revenge was called the Battle at the Fores. It took place in the valley between the High and the Low Fores Mountains, north of the Plain of Truoor.
The place was later on renamed to Bone Valley, in remembrance of the incidents taking place there. In the Battle at the Fores the bloodshed culminated. The dwarves fought desperately against a nearly invincible foe of an army of undead warriors, guided by liches who easily repelled the furious attack of their enemies with magical means. Again and again numerous undead warriors stood up and continued the fighting, although they seemingly were already defeated. After the battle was fought it was for the first time obvious that the Tharanian Kingdom had to face an indeed powerful enemy: the Móh'rónn Saban Blackcloak.

In the following decades the unceasing menace of the rising of Saban's power should be the ignition for the founding of the Sarvonian Alliance, which officially remained secret at first. The Alliance would also be the basis for the joining of the already huge Tharanian Kingdom with the southern realms and thus result in the birth of Santharia. More than 250 years later the Voldarian hero Eyrin would finally put an end to the Móh'rónn's evil machinations.

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