The Battle of Four Swords

A barbarians from the Northlands capturing a woman

Picture description: A barbarian from the Northlands capturing a woman. Picture drawn by the Santharian artist Dramads.

(292 b.S.) Battle between the joined Sarvonian forces at the beginning of SW III against the orcish invaders and the barbarians coming from the Northlands. The expression "Battle  of Four Swords" denotes the union of all four races, the famous SARVONIAN ALLIANCE taking part in the fight: humans, elves, dwarves and orcs. This alliance was formed for the very first time in the history of Sarvonia and would prove essential for the defence of civilized life at the southern Sarvonian continent.

The Battle of Four Swords took place at Ephirn's Lake when the retreating dwarven forces of the THRUMGOLZ and the MONTERONN clans (which also included troops of HALFLINGS) were reinforced by the joined elven and human army under the guidance of Pherán'Ephtaerín. The latter, who was initially stationed at Orril to regain control of the so-called Orcenhold, is said to have followed the vision of a human woman who saw in a dream her son being saved by elves near the Heath of Jernais. Indeed it was only due to Pherán'Ephtaeríns belief in the truth of the essence of the dream that he arrived in time at Ephirn's Lake and could avert an immediate landslide victory of the orcish armies.

However, even the joined forces of the Sarvonian Alliance were not able to counter the heavy offences of the orcs. After the contingents of the alliance had fled to the south the Battle of Four Swords was continued at CARMALAD and finally ended with a defeat of the alliance. As a last consequence the surviving Pherán'Ephtaerín and his troops fled the port in all available ships and headed towards the unknown in the ADANIAN SEA to the east. Months later some of the ships reached the isle Denilou where people of all four races started brandnew cultures of their own.

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