Description. The Boomerang or Rindima-bia (origin of the name unknown, probably deriving from tribes far to the north) is a simple weapon, a piece of flat wood or metal, which is curved in the middle. The ends taper, being thinner, and narrower than the rest. The sides could be decorated, but generally they look the same. The edges of the weapon can be rather blunt, as when thrown it would still leave bruises or break a bone, depended on the force used. Metal ones however can have sharpened edges, which work like blades. This isn’t a close combat weapon, it has to be thrown. And if thrown correctly it will soar through the air, hit a target, and return to the user due to it's special design. Metal Boomerangs are rarely used however, because every time someone tries to catch one they'd have to be extremely skilled, or wearing a protective glove, since the sharpened edges would take off a finger, or perhaps a whole hand.

Boomerangs come is various sizes, but have to be custom fitted to the person to which they belong. This is so that it helps more than hampers, and the balance and everything has to be right for that person's throwing style. Return to the top

Usage. The weapon can be used by anyone with enough skill to throw and catch it. They are rarely used in battle, although they can be (however inconvenient). Most often it is used for hunting. By throwing it, one could easily snap some fleeing creatures’ neck. But since the weapons are rare to behold not many will know how to hunt with one, or fight against someone. Return to the top

Fighting Style. A flick of the wrist or a forceful throw will get this weapon air-born. Grasping it by one end, and throwing it while it is horizontal, will make it twirl through the air, and after so far, return (thanks to that curve!). It's easy to use, although a bit more difficult to judge how the wind, and elements will affect the accuracy of the return.

• When thrown, no matter how hard or far, it returns.
• Many have never encountered this weapon so they have no idea how to counter it.
• It has light weight, and is custom carved for the wielder.

• Not a very practical battle weapon.
• If one is unskilled enough they could hurt themselves on the return (or have it return in an entirely different direction).
• The possibility of taking off fingers, hands, heck... whole arms!

The last disadvantage is why when owning a metal boomerang a thick glove is required, preferably with something strong reinforcing it, without hindering use of the hand. Return to the top

Origin/History. No one is really sure when and exactly where it came from. Right now, if one held it up, and asked someone what it was, they would probably give a blank look, and ask, "Where'd you get that piece of junk?"

The Boomerang is said to have originated first as a toy for children by some elders, hunters in human tribes found that if was handy when hunting as well. The weapon caused a quick death, or sufficiently wounded animals for them to finish off.

Later, the art of throwing and handling this weapon died down, as more practical weapons came into play. And the only ones found were ones that were used in decorations (hanging it up on the wall to appear as though you'd know what it is). Very few retained the knowledge of how the simple Boomerang worked, and it is generally a thing of the past. Return to the top

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