Despite the rather modest title, the Captain of the Guards was actually the highest-ranking military position in the Erpheronian Army of Voldar. Although to prevent total dominion over the entire militia by a single man, six other commander-in-chiefs were also appointed to share in the keeping of order and training of the army. However, these six were answerable to the Captain in times of war and conflicts and they also had to report to him on a monthly basis on their sections' progress.

Whenever a Captain was killed or retiring, the Ruling Council would gather a list of 15 suitable successors and present them to the Erpheronian sovereign for approval. When this is done, the candidates are then gathered and over a period of two weeks, are given numerous, arduous tasks to test their intelligence, agility, prowess in combat, tactician skills and finally, diplomacy for a Captain may be sent to neighboring kingdoms on ambassadorial matters. These tasks have been affectionately nicknamed by soldiers as 'The Captain's Lasts' due to the dangerous and difficult levels of the tasks assigned by the Council to the candidates. Hopefuls have been known to have failed the tasks and even lose their lives in the attempting.

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