The game "Capture the Wind" is also often referred to as "String the Ring", "Injr's Game", "Rabbit's Run" (or what ever the name for rabbit is!). Capture the Wind allows practice of archer skills without having to harm living animals. The objective is quite simple: to shoot arrows through flying or roling hoops of various sizes. The game is very popular, especially among elves of Southern Sarvonia.

. Many archers have been playing variants of this game since the days of F'v'cl'r - or so it is said. Different races developed it to better suit their climates and needs, but the basic game and concept remains unchanged. Return to the top

Diagram. There is no specific playing field for this game; though it depends what kind of variant one plays; some games shoot into the air, some across the earth. There must first and foremost be a clear space between the archer and the shooting area, as none wish for accidents to occur. Return to the top

Equipment. Not much equipment is required. One simply has to have the hoops and the rings, the player and their bows of course. No limit on archers is needed, so long as the players are calm and unruly. Some archers will tell others of the game going on and to keep a good distance from the field.
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Game Set-Up. The archer takes his stance and and readies himself for the first ring. The rings are thrown or rolled one at a time.

There are five different sized hoops that are used - of decreasing size. The largest is just under a ped in diameter, the smallest a little over a palmspan. Each ring is assigned a point value. The largest is 1, then the values increase as the ring size decreases; 2, 4, 8, 16.

The archer shoots his specially made arrow, just for the game. The arrow is a simple arrow, without a barbed tip, with a string of sinew or cotton tied from the base of the arrow to around the user's ankle. The arrow is meant to go through the hole of the hoop, thus stringing the hoop like a bead.

The archer then collects his arrow, shows what hoop he has caught, and sets it aside and waits for the next hoop. This process continues until all five hoops are thrown. The points are tallied, and the archer remembers his score. (In tournaments, an official scorekeeper will keep tally.) The next archer takes his turn, and all will eventually have their chance. The points are compared, and the archer with the most points is declared the winner. In the case of a draw, the tied archers will re-shoot individually, and the one with the most points is then declared the victor.
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Rules. The rules are quite simple. Send the arrow through the hoop. The one with the most points wins. The game is hard to cheat at; either you make it or you don't. The sizes of the hoops are different enough for them to not be mistaken as others. The only way one can cheat is through the count of points, but the game is of skill, and that can be proven on the actual hunt.
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