The Centoraurian Shortsword

Description. The Centoraurian Shortsword is a formidable weapon in single combat. Its blade and hilt are made of one piece formed like a spearhead. The blade itself is about 40 cm, the hilt another 15. The crossbar is usually formed like a triangle facing away from the hilt which makes the weapon very handy. It is shaped extremely pointed, which makes it necessary to sharpen only the base of the blade as the tip would otherwise break easily. This pointed tip makes piercing any chain mail very easy for the downside of a more fragile weapon.

Either used as a parry sword in single combat or as a secondary weapon. The Centoraurian Shortsword has become  very popular among the urban nobility in and around Milkengrad as its usage needs good training when you don't want to break the blade early.

It is often used in duels or other forms of sports but for everyday usage it is too fragile. Therefore you will only see few soldiers, most of the time knights, using this weapon in war as well. Here it turns out extremely dangerous for the final blow against an armored foe as the tip easily pierces the armor.

Fighting Style.
Because of the long hilt this sword is perfect for fast parrying and quick attacks. Not so often used in war you would only use it as a secondary weapon for the decisive blow. As only the broad part is sharpened you'll get into close contact with your opponent to strike against unprotected bodyparts. Stabbing can be deadly as well but you can easily imagine what will happen if someone dodges the thin tip of the sword.

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