Description. The Crossbow is a missile weapon with approximately the same range and accuracy of a typical bow, however, fired on short distances Crossbows can hit their targets with much more force than ceretain bows.

The Crossbow

View picture in full size Picture description. A typical light crossbow. Image drawn by Faugar.

However, this weapon is very slow to load and usually has quite a high poundage. It has a drawlength of approx. 14 inches. A Crossbow consists of a small bow (prod) mounted on a wooden plank and uses small kinds of arrows called bolts (one feet or less long). The Crossbow was developed by the elven tribe of the Jhehellrhim around 2000 b.S. before it spread over the whole Sarvonian continent and became a standard weapon of warfare. The Jhehellrhim mainly used the Crossbow for hunting big animals, but it was also an often seen weapon in the Third Sarvonian War when the city of Carmalad was besieged and the Jhehellrhim assisted atdefending it (though they were unsuccessful). In general the crossbow became very common as a defensive weapon during such sieges, but it is also often used by assassins, who profit from its precision on short distances.

In addition to the typical Crossbow there are some special versions of this weapon, among them three special R'unorian types:

Usage. The bolts are fired similar to a bow. However, the string holding the bolt is wound back and has a much greater draw weight than a normal bow has, which results in the fact that the bolt can be fired in much greater speed and force - over a short distance that is, but the energy of a bolt drops quicker than an arrow of a longbow e.g. Furthermore the precision of a Crossbow is better than that of a bow because the bolt is more or less fixed on the plank, and isn’t held in hand, which isn't as physically exhausting. However, reloading and targeting the Crossbow takes much more time as the same procedure at a bow. Return to the top

Fighting Style. The Crossbow is often used from fortifications/walls because of the long reloading time, which makes it not very helpful at quick assaults. Usually light Crossbows are used from behind the infantry lines, protecting the archers and the infantry. The Triple Crossbow is often fired on a group of enemies. The best protection against the extreme force of Crossbow bolts are shields the size of a man, for example tower shields.
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Origin/History. As has been already mentioned the Crossbow was developed by the elven tribe of the Jhehellrhim around 2000 b.S. Who originally constructed the very first Crossbow is unknown, but it was simply a slightly improved version of a bow, consisting of a plank and a typical short bow, tied together. It is known that later on Elan, a human from the tribe of the Kyranians improved the weapon and made the “bow” part of the plank frame (around 1700 b.S.), which was a major improvement for the whole construction. After this, the used materials (bolts and weapon mainframe) were further improved and finally the "Triple Crossbow" was developed by a Tharanian inventor, whose name unfortunately isn't traded. By now all of the mentioned types of Crossbows are used all over the continent.
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