The Ducraer is a small fishing boat that has developed along the eastern coast of Sarvonia. This style of boat made it easier for one to two fishermen to launch in high surf or fish in the open sea with relative safety.

Description. The Ducraer is eight peds in length with a beam of almost two and a half peds. The hull is square at the back while tapering to a point at the bow. Its bow is abruptly raised with broad flaring topsides, which makes it easy to launch directly into the surf. The hull forward is about chest high while the hull aft is about mid thigh in height. The higher sides help keep the water out while giving a fisherman a safer work area. It also enhances rough water capabilities. With a wide-open hull the movement is unrestricted for easy gear handling and versatility. Along the inner bottom of the Ducraer are strakes two fingers widths wide every half span for stiffness and protection. This gives the Ducraer hull tremendous load carrying ability while the flat bottom assures a stable boat when loaded. In the middle of the boat is a bench with a hole in the center. The fishermen use this bench when they are rowing the craft. There are also two oarlocks one on each side to keep the oars in place. Both oars and oarlocks can be removed and stored on the side under the bench. There is a small mast on the left side of the boat stored under this bench also. When needed, for movement on the open sea, it can be slid into the hole in the bench and secured at its base by several metal clamps. At the inside base of the bow is a box that takes up two-thirds of the area across and about elbow to fingertips wide and deep. It has a split cover so only one side can be opened when needed. This is because one side is usually for the fishermen's tools for repair, spare line, hooks or whatever is necessary. The other is usually for bait, depending on what is the days-desired catch.

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