Iapethor's Armour

Legendary armor made for Iapethor Elf-Friend.

During the Second Sarvonian War in 532 b.S., the Centoraurian sovereign Iapethor and the Caltharian king Gorenham engaged a troop of elves near the foothills of Hckra. The human forces were victorious in the end, and many elven prisoners were taken. Gorenham demanded that all of the prisoners should be executed. However, Iapethor, who admired the elves and hoped for reconciliation, would not allow it. An argument between the Caltharian and Centoraurian forces began when a Caltharian soldier insulted an elf of the Milkengrad fratra. While trying to calm both sides, Iapethor was slain. Gorenham took advantage of this and began throwing captives into the fiery depths of Hckra. In the end the Hckra erupted and killed the Caltharian king as well. In apology for this horrific act by the Caltharians, and in honor of Iapethor's wishes, the Centoraurian forces allowed their elven captives to go free. In thanks for Iapethor's offer of his life, the elves created armour in his honor.

It is said that during the forging of this special armour the elven smiths' tears of gratitude and sorrow fell upon the anvil and mixed into the armor during the forging process. Life magics were also infused into the armour during the final crafting, to make up for the life that had been lost. It was then put on Iapethor when he was laid to rest in the Valley of Kings in Milkengrad. The elves believing in rebirth look at this as a gift for his next life, and they await the time for him to take up his armour.

The exact abilities of this suit of armour are unknown, however it is said that it is defensive in nature, and will protect the wearer from harm.

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