(Styrsh: lit. "Forest Treasure") A small cut emerald globe the size of a child's fist. It allows those of the Ylfferhim who are endowed with limited predictative powers to be granted a greater understanding of future events. By gazing into the centre of the globe, it is believed that events that will come to pass may be perceived.

The Ionmis Globe

View picture in full size Image description: The Ionmis Globe - source of many elven prophecies. Picture drawn by Dramads.

The Crpa'l'Wievc tells that the globe was believed to have been given as a gift by the Goddesss of Destiny, Seyella, to the first elves before the burning of the Tree of Life, originally as a method for the elves to understand Her purposes. The Ylfferhim will tell you that the globe became simply a route with which the blinded Goddess could give the elves foresight of what must come to pass.

The Quaelhoirhim tradition also holds myths about the Ionmis, though some of this tribe hold very different versions about the origins of the globe. Here it is believed that Ionmis was a vessle with which to keep the spirit of The One close at hand and it relfected the Dream in the time before it became reality.

Ionmis may have originally been kept in the Quaelhoirhim capital of Elving and moved during the assault on the city in the first Sarvonian War. The first document that reveals Ylfferhim possession of Ionmis is a Quaelhoirhim inventory of Ylfferhim cities just before the tribes declaration of indepedence and dates from about 760 b.S.

Since this time it has been housed in the Ylffer capital. It is the prized possession of the Ylfferhim monarch, the Leias, and usually only the monarch has access to it. The one exception to this rule was during the reign of King Anthioullsn (200-100 b.S.). A great warrior and diplomat, the Leias had no talent for using the power of Ionmis to discern the future. He gave the globe to the Bard Elothis, who during his long lifetime produced the greatest and most accurate prophecy about Eyelian affairs. When his purpose was complete and he died, his successor. Cethas, handed the globe back to the monarch of the time, Marincao.

One prophecy refers to Ionmis itself. Elothis predicted that the globe would shatter and break in the season before the Ylfferhim's darkest and brightest hours. It did shatter in the year 1100 during the reign of the Leias Wren Wllyfirea. The tribe was subsequently attacked by dark elves from the Shivering Woods. The war cemented an often uneasy friendship between the Ylfferhim and the Quaelhoirhim, and an alliance was also made with the Tethinrhim, with whom the independent Ylfferhim never had contact.

The kingdom was then returned to the reign of Wren who had made friendly links to human tribes in Northern Sarvonia. First, promising contacts with Santhala, which were established lately, also mean that the Ylfferhim elves now promise to be a strong, less elusive voice in the Santharian future.

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