Legendary acidgreen diamond of magical origin and immeasurable wealth. Recovered by the first Santharian king, Santhros the Wise, from the deepest tomb under the Thalambathian Keep in the year of the unification. Now said to be part of the Royal Treasury at New-Santhala.

Many a myth speaks of a large green diamond that lies hidden deep beneath the foundation of the Keep in Thalambath - it is referred to as the Keep's Heart. The tales tell it is the heart of the old wizard Thalambath made into a precious juwel, only to be recovered by the person who would unite the humans like they lived before the War - the famous, most ferocious war which ever existed in Aér'aí'chánian lands, the War of the Chosen.

The keep therefore became a place favoured by heroes to test their skill in the dungeons and catacombs that lay beneath the earth. However, enchanted as the Keep was, creatures where lurking in its dark corners, guarding whatever was hidden inside. Only few returned from the dungeons, some treasure hunters, stealing the armours and weapons of previous victims, others were warriors, who survived the horrifying adventures in the dark. But none of them reached the lowest levels, where the treasure, the diamond, was said to be. None, until Santhros arrived.

Santhros is said to have retrieved the diamond in order to prove his worth to the Stratanians. Four of his most loyal warriors and servants were killed in this mission, and only Santhros himself managed to leave the crumbling Thalambathian keep. The legendary stone was never seen afterwards and some harsh voices even claim that the legend around it was purely invented in order to build a myth around Santhros' person. The others who believe in it's existence say that it was simply too big to fit in any sort of jewel but a giant's necklace and therefore never made it into a crown of some sort for the king. But only the treasurer knows if it still exists. And about the magical powers still said to be contained within the gem nobody really knows...

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