The Loibl (pl. "Loibla") is a type of bread that is purposely made into small hand sized loaves, weighing only about half a mut. They are usually circular in shape, a handspan wide and about half a handspan high. There is no human settlement in the Santharian kingdom known, where it is not eaten in the one or other variety, and is liked meanwhile by the other races as well, though not so common.

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Appearance. Loibla are a common food for every meal of the day, be it with butter and honey for breakfast, with a soup for lunch or with cheese and meat for any meal in between. It goes well with stew and a pot of beans, in short, one can eat it at every time of the day. Its dough shows often not much difference to a normal loaf of bread, but due to its small size it seems to taste better.

Main ingredient is well ground flour of any kind, though the better the quality of the grain or flour, the better the result of the finished Loibl. Water, a little salt and sour dough are all you need, though of course several other seeds and good tasting things can be added.
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History/Origin. Both the towns of Alvang in the province Vardưnn as well as the nearby Elsreth in Enthronia claim to have invented the Loibla. The inhabitants of Elsreth say, "Loibl" is just derived from loib-loif-loaf meaning "little bred", with the "l" representing a diminutive old form of their dialect. Alvang claims, that this small bread form came into life long ago when the town was cut off from grain in a long period of bad weather, so that the bakers made little loaves which could be divided in small helpings more easily and justly. However, it is doubted, that there is a place of origin at all, and that the common form with different varieties was "invented" in several places.
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