The vast continents that spread across the disc of Caelereth contain many unique and valuable resources, not least of which are their minerals. Besides the common metals such as tin, lead, iron, pewter, copper, and so on, there are the lovely silver, gold, mithril, aurium, and many more. (Brass, bronze, steel, and other alloys are also known, but of course are not found as original ores, so are not mentioned in this list: please see Resources of Caelereth).

There are the bright crystals dug with care from the sides of the mountains, or brought up from the magma-warmed pits of the Thergerim, polished and cloven by clever-handed gnomes. There are the shining ores and gnarled veins of metal, soon to be refined and transformed under dwarven hammers. The bounties of Earth are not easily delved, but they are worth the effort!

Minerals Display Box

View picture in full size Image description. A display box showing various common minerals of the world of Caelereth. From top left to the bottom right in the box: Malthanune, Fyrite, Herne and Orcalescent Crystal. Outside of the box you find Sandstone to the left and Indiquartz to the bottom right. Picture drawn by Bard Judith.

The various kinds of metals and minerals currently known in the world of Caelereth are listed below (in alphabetic order):

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