Description. The Nightclaw is a strange-looking weapon to say the least. It consists of two pincerlike blades, one armlength long straight blade called the Reach, and the other a mere two curved handbreadths, called the Grasp. Return to the top

Usage. The Kasumarii are the main users of the Nightclaw, and among their melee weapons it is second only to Moonblades. It is mostly used among them by long patrols that may not be capable of returning to the forges of home for a long time. It is also not unusual to see a well-muscled Kasumarii fighting with two swords, with his Nightclaw strapped to his back, obviously used to steal the other two. Return to the top

Fighting Style. The sword's unusual construction, while making it rather unwieldy, also makes it excellent for disarming an opponent. If the wielder can manage to trap the enemy's blade between the Grasp and the Reach, a mere twist of the hand will disarm the foe. This maneuver is called the Sunstealer. Other tricks with this weapon include the rather cruel finishing move called the Twinrend, wherein the weapon is thrust between the rib plates, twisted 180 degrees, and withdrawn along with a circular section of the victim's ribcage. Another is the Spittleslash, leading with the Grasp, forcing the enemy to block it, and then leaving them vulnerable to a hit by the Reach. Return to the top

Origin/History. This weapon was invented by one of the early Kasumarii, a Stormson by the name of Kalten Stormblade. While meditating on the beach, he saw a spiderturtle being attacked by another, grasping the other's claw with its own, and twist it. The resulting display inspired Kalten, a part-time swordsmith, to attempt to replicate this display in a sword. The resulting blade was an extreme success. Since then, the Nightclaw has become one of the most esoteric and hard-to-find weapons known in Sorren. Return to the top

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