Styrásh term (lit. "the light at the root of the earth") used for the inborn perceptivity of the elven race to sense and judge the intensity of a magical aura ("Cár'áll") of all things existing.

According to elven lore all existing things, whether they are natural or manufactured possess an astral aura. Certain elves have the ability to sense massive auratic phenomena even from a very far distance away. This presentiment of the elves is often accompanied by a slight, pulsating "headache", a cool, circular pressure against the forehead, an altogether unmistakable sensation: the so-called radiance of the Oh'mód'hál. Thus these gifted elves may discern between natural auras and auras which are enhanced by artificial magic - they can e.g. sense that a chest contains magic without opening it first and furthermore they are able to judge if the chest contains an enchanted item or simply a magical gem or perhaps wizardleaves. In case of an artificially produced magic and depending on the ability of the elf and knowledge of lore he/she may also be capable through the sensation of the Oh'mód'hál to sense the caster's race and perhaps the color of the Cár'áll associated to it. The latter may help to additionally determine the type of magic which had been cast upon the object (like illusionsism, movement magic, imnbuing magic etc.)

This ability of sensing the
radiance of the Oh'mód'hál is very rare and only very few people throughout elven history are known who possessed this ability and could use them. Whom nature endowes with it and why, nobody can say, but it is a fact that very often elves who have this ability to sense the Oh'mód'hál also become leaders of their tribe. However, though sensing the Oh'mód'hál may be important at certain occasions, the intention of the magic cannot be determined with the ability - and in case wizardleaf is part of a terrifying mechanical chest trap this may fool one easily.

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