The Quaelhoirhim Tomes, housed in Elving, are one of those extremely odd documents that history turns up every so often. An ancient script, written about 400 b.S., though possibly compiled over hundreds of years (one page is thought by the elves to be over 8000 years old) it is part description and census of the Santharian world at that time, part detailed history, part literature and poetry and part lore and myth though its descriptions of events prior to and during the First Santharian War are considered to be some of the most accurate existing descriptions.

The title is possibly a misnomer, the tomes may well not have been written by the Quaelhoirhim at all. Some believe that it is one of the few surviving documents from the great Aellenrhim Library that house the Odosía (Styrásh
Odosía), the everlasting books. Thus, it may well be Aellenrhim in origin. The Quaelhoirhim Tomes were possibly a gift to the Quaelhoirhim friendship, or it may be a later amalgamation of many rescued documents from all over Santharia. Certainly one chapter concerns Ylfferhim prophecy, which suggests that many books authored by many different elven tribes have been compiled into this two volume work. Though, by whom and when is still hotly debated. Certainly parts have been very badly damaged, for example several important pages regarding the origins of Maengolth's Blood have been written over with details of a possible tactical assault on the Fores, perhaps that during SW III. The elven script underneath is sadly barely legible, though the overlying human penned details are fascinating in their own right.

The Tomes were copied by Quaelhoirhim scholars in Elving into a more legible and more sturdily bound volume which was later given as a gift to King Santhros by the elves as a mark of continued friendship. This second volume is now housed in New-Santhala, and rarely viewed, except by those most esteemed historians who are given explicit permission from the highes levels in the establishment.
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