The Quartz Crystal is one of the most popular crystals, if not the most popular crystal, in all of Caelereth. They are found across the world and come in a rainbow of colors including red, purple, and blue. They have many uses, both practical and aesthetic, springing from their appearance, their natural magic-conducting abilities, and from their spiritual qualities. Their appearance in the physical realm is the same as their appearance in the spiritual realm, so they are sometimes seen as a connection between the spiritual world.

Appearance/Types. Quartz is believed to be one of the hardest crystals on Caelereth and comes in several colors, depending on type. The types are described in detail below (ordered alphabetically):

Territory. Quartz Crystals are found all over Caelereth, in every kind of rock, and thus on every continent in Caelereth. However, some types of Quartz may be selective on where they grow. Indiquartz, for example, can only be found in scarce amounts in Southern Sarvonia, Nybelmar, and on a few small islands east of Sarvonia. Turquartz is also rather selective, growing around the coasts. Return to the top

Usages. Quartz has many uses. Mages will use Quartz to conduct magical energy. In fact, almost all Wind mages will carry a clear Quartz Crystal in their pouch to help them with their spells. Many less-professional magic-users such as clerics and witches will use Quartz to help them conduct their power. Some will, for example, use green and orange Quartz to help them heal illnesses and infertility. These magic-users mostly are experts on the meanings behind the colors and how to utilize their power.

The Quartz tends to appeal to the superstitious, especially the nobility, who think that if they carry a purple Quartz, it will mean success for their royal term, or that if they carry a green Quartz they will remain youthful. However, carrying the Quartz Crystal with ill intention is believed to term them clouded. This remains true to anyone who holds a Quartz Crystal, be them peasant or prince.

The Quartz, however, also has an aesthetic beauty. The crystalline quality and the coloration of the Quartz makes them very appealing to all people. They can be made into jewelry, but can often be hard to cut, save for the most expert dwarves. They are made into necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. However, they are valued below other stones, and thus are rarely used for things like crowns.

Because the crystals are so hard, they are sometimes used to substitute blades. Many tribes who cannot find enough metal to make the blade of their weapons use Quartz Crystals on the end of their spears. Additionally the crystals are often used to decorate homes from all different races. 
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