Ranlesh Venom is known to the dwarves as Morsek Khorim (Morsek Khorim or "Black Death"). The venom is harvested from the slivers of the Ranlesh which is used to give weapons that little extra power.

Appearance. The appearance of the venom is that of a sticky glossy black liquid.

Harvesting. Harvesting is an extremely dangerous process as the Ranlesh are lightening fast and deadly. Several experienced rangers have lost their lives trying to get the venom. First you have to trick the beast into attaching themselves around an inorganic material (usually a metal spike) hoping that the creature doesn't decide to go for you instead. The spike usually is treated with magical means to make it appear as living organic material. Then, as the Ranlesh secretes its salver it runs down the spike into an earthenware tray where it is collected. This was first successfully done during the first century b.S. by a dwarven ranger by the name of Quiten Redblood of the Mithral tribe. He did this out of curiosity after observing the creatures for many years. Later on people discovered the venom to be used as a good addition for piercing weapons.

Storing. The storing of this liquid is extremely dangerous. It can only be successfully stored in earthenware viles as it would consume any organic material if it comes in contact with it.

Usage. As this venom destroys flesh but not metal assassins, rangers and warriors coat their weapons in it before battle. It is also used in small doses to etch leather and other organic materials (this gives a beautiful darkened effect). However, if too much is used it destroys the item.

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