The "Rock Tales" (also known as Trumesdrummerons, Trumesdrummerons, or the Barollegendia) are a compilation of dwarven religious writings, tales of Trum-Baroll, and Unsthommerons’ (Stone Fathers') stories is known as the Barollegendia to humans, but as Trumesdrummerons (Trumesdrummerons), "Rock Tales", to the Thergerim. It is their only "holy" book and physical copies of the book are revered in an almost talismanic sense among the older dwarves. One reason for this is that every copy is made by hand, by the book’s future owner - the paper cut with a stone blade, stacked and pierced, and sewn with natural fibers. The dwarf then binds it, often with bat skin or drell leather, and grinds her own ink from lizardgall and Urav-lichen. Then, under the stern eye of the Denirim, she painstakingly copies the runes from the Denirim’s own Trumesdrummerons. A single mistake means the book is burned; fortunately the text is not a long one, and the Thergerim tongue not long-winded.

This fanatical attention to detail means that dwarven historians can be highly certain of a certain text’s veracity - since the original was literally carved in stone, contemporary copies can still be checked against it! The site of this holy place, however, is only known to the Denirimerons of the dwarves, and their pilgrimage there (where it is believed that they make their copy directly from the sacred stone itself) is shrouded in secrecy, lore, and misdirection. In fact, a Denirim will occasionally travel without any purpose, various distances from his home cavern simply to mislead any observers (dwarven or otherwise) who might wish to spy out the UravdeniTrumhund, the True Holystone’s Home.

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