The R'unorian Navy, one of the strongest navies in the world, has made up for its lack of resources, and therefore small numbers of ships, through both the incorporation of steel and iron in the outer hull and the internal structure of vessels (one must understand that in R'unor wood is actually more expensive by volume than iron). Another reason why the R'unorian Navy is so powerful lies in the fact that the R'unorians do not adapt the traditional boarding or steady bombardment tactics but prefer swift hit and run attacks and ambushes.

Not all ships of this mighty kingdom are of military use however. Quite to the contrary: Many interesting merchant vessels and even passenger ships call the ports of R'unor home, some are even of unique designes, built exclusively in these isles.

Below is a short list of the basic types of vessels found in the R'unorian armada and merchant fleets (listed in order of the average size of the vessel):

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