In 1629 b.S. the leader of the Stratanian tribe at that time, Gerwon Tristin, founded a new political system for the city of Strata. It was based on four houses, instead of an absolute power that his preceeder, his brother Drafs Tristin had used. The four houses were:  “The Ruling House”, “The Executing House”, “The Administrating House” and “The Inspecting House”, each house being founded by one family and having one special task. The system was taken from the Voldarian Ruling Houses, as the Stratanians in fact were Voldarian descendants.

The Ruling House formed the political leaders of the city and was in the hands of the Tristin Family. They made the laws for the civilians and were in charge of the daily business of the city. The Head of this house was considered the supreme power in the city.

The Executing House were the executers of the ideas and issues coming from The Ruling House. They planned new buildings, new roads, made battleplans and strategies and they worked on discovering technologies in order to help the city and its people in the daily business and work.

The Administrating House spoke justice. They convicted the criminals and kept Law and Order in the town, which was considered very important by Gerwon. The guardians of the city were under the control of this house and they had the possibility to take any suspected criminal activity into investigation, even if it should contain persons of one of the houses or the head of The Ruling House himself.

The Inspecting House (The Trading House) was the last of the four houses to be founded. Their task was simple but hard to accomplish. They had to inspect and keep a close eye on all institutions of the other houses, and report any failures or otherwise alarming cases to the City Council. The Inspecting House later on became “The Trading House”, when the task of the house consisted mainly of taking care of trade activities within the town. It is thought by historians in later time that it was this fact that caused the downfall of Strata and the rising of Thalambath.

The City Council finally was formed by five representatives from each house, plus the Ruler of the City himself and thus consisted of twentyone persons.

The system of the Ruling Houses introduced at the reign of Gerwon is still used till this very day, though the power of the city council and the four houses has been greatly diminshed through the course of time.

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