The Swords of Fury

Group of famous swords created by the Runemaster Tris (1564-1385) during the years 1493-1507, nowadays considered as artifacts of immeasurable value, hopefully never to be used again in battle. Tris spent almost all of her time during these mentioned 14 years working on the swords, as they are said to be extremely powerful.

General Description. There are several Fury Swords based upon the more dangerous pure substances: Fire, Earth, Life, Ice, and Lightning. They are based upon the elements, with Lightning standing for Wind, and Ice for Water. Finally the so-called Sword of Fury (without any elemental addition) has a conjured blade that appears to be a normal sword, but can charge it's substance magically at the wielder's will to any of the other types of swords. The basic principle of the Fury Swords is, that, when held and used in battle, a much larger blade of the given substance will appear. Each sword magnifies the wielder's movements, and can increase his strength dramatically (even though the user will still feel a lot of opposition by, say, armor or other hard objects.) The size of the conjured blade is two times longer than the actual blade, and the other dimensions are proportional. Also, the conjured sword cannot harm its owner unless the power of the sword allows it (see especially Fury Sword of Lightning). Finally, each sword has a specific power that is quite unique as described below.

Fury Sword of Fire. This sword has the appearance of a blade-shaped jet of  fire. It can heat up metal objects if it comes into contact or in proximity with them, and can burn flamable objects. Leather armor is of no use against this weapon.

As far as is known the Sword is held by Gardirm Frindir, a fire-mage who is responsible for some of the worst arsons in Santharia. No-one can help noticing, however, that the only people who have property damage done by Gardirm are those who cheated him in some way. All of those who wronged him are dead.

Fury Sword of Earth. This sword has the appearance of cracked earth. Its main power is strength, and the conjured blade carries more weight than the others. It can beat through things. Also, if this sword comes against rock, the rock can be cut through completely.

The sword is currently wielded by the dwarf-lord Torim Thunderforge of the Mitharims.

Fury Sword of Life. This sword looks like a ghostly green blade with silver shining underneath. Only its effects can be seen. It blocks as normal, but the parts of living things that it touches turn numb and then dead after a period of time. Basically, you don't want your body anywhere near this thing while someone's swinging it and you don't have any armor on. Also, weapons composed of things that were once living will whither and turn to dust if coming into contact with this sword. Another power of the sword is its ability to slowly heal the person who wields it.

The current bearer of this sword is unknown. It may even have ended up in a storehouse somewhere where the sword's true powers are completely forgotten.

Fury Sword of Ice. This sword looks just as if it were cut from ice. When set against rock, it can break its way through the rock, but fairly slowly. The Fury Sword of Ice can combat fire easily, as it doesn't melt as quickly as fire is extinguished. It was destroyed by a very powerful Frost Dragon around year 1507. The dragon, Icethunder the Third, was immune to its effects, and vanquished the bearer easily. The beast then spent three years in the process of breaking its power.

Fury Sword of Lightning. This sword looks like a blade composed of fluctuating bolts of lightning coming together at the end. It can only be blocked by metal if the wielder of the other weapon has an about equal or stronger will than the person who is carrying the Fury Sword of Lightning. If the opponents don't fulfill that requirement, they will be lightly stunned. If they have a greater will, the sword will shock its own bearer. Depending on the own physical strength, the person being attacked by the power may be able to withstand it.

This sword has been lost since the Naval Battle for Parda (542 b.S.):

"In the midst of the battle, when the ships were scattered over the ocean by the storm and chaotic duels emerged without any tactic or strategy left due to the weather, a battlemage named 'Relior the Pale', supposedly a descendant of Tris herself, stormed the 'Silverswan', the elven flagship. During the fight elven ships nearby went to assist their leader and Relior's ship was forced to pull back.
When all sailors retreated to get back on their ship, Relior kept fighting on the flagship covering the retreat and set the ship on fire with his devastating blade. Finally an elven archer hit through his magical defenses and wounded him deadly. But in the moment he died massive lightnings struck his blade, drawn to it by its elementar powers and the elven flagship was torn into pieces and sunk in seconds.

Since then the iron pikes on the human ships that should prevent that lightnings hit the sails and set them on fire are called 'Reliors' or 'Relior's pike'. The famous Fury Sword of Lightning however, was lost at sea.

An interesting fairytale often told by experienced sailors recounts that the Goddess of Water herself, Baveras, found the blade and gave it to Silffin his favourite beast (a sword whale) who just lost his long horn and so replaced his loss.

Unexplained lightnings at the horizon reported from ships on the Dark Sea and other light phenomenons in this region are often explained this way.

The Wise and the Mages, of course, fear that the blade is lost till the end of all times on the ground of the sea, one of Tris' most magnificent works ever."

-- Koldar Mondrakken: "The Santharian Artifacts. An Overview" (p. 376 f.)

Sword of Fury. This is the most famous Fury Sword. Instead of conjuring an elemental blade, the one that appears is an actual larger sword. This sword can cut through much more than ordinary swords can, having added strength and being much more keen than the other Swords of Fury. It also has the power to use any of the elemental Fury Swords' powers, making it a horrible threat for any foe. The weapon is supposed to be located in the hidden armory of Tris. No-one except for her descendants know where the cache of weapons is located, and no-one even knows about where Tris' ancestors can be found.

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