Event. ("All flower feast") Barbarian feast that celebrates the progenitor of the deities of the tribes, Leir’Tyan (All Mother). It is said that She birthed all ten Virtog (Gods) in the span of three days, then as a sign of her joy She gave to Her believers the Rik’tyan flower as a gift, so they might get joy and find use in Her labor. Furthermore it is told that the nomadic tribes, who tend to be more devoted in their worship, have named this feast Taug Leir’Tyan, as it is truly a feast in honor of the All Mother. The barbarians still honor this tradition, and name it such. For the women of the tribe, the celebration begins as soon as the Rik’tyan blooms (usually only for three days in the Month of the Singing Bird). As this is a feast that celebrates the miraculous birth of the Virtog, only women of child bearing age are allowed to gather the flowers. It is seen as a sign of maturity and acceptance as a woman when the female elders allow a girl to go and join the women in the picking for the first time. For ten days after the Rik’tyan has finished their bloom all members of the tribe, whether they be rich or poor, stop their labors and eat and drink to the beauty that is life. This feast is always celebrated outdoors, so the barbarian folk may better appreciate the beauty of this world. However, by the end of the tenth day most of the celebrants are not in a sober enough state to return to their homes, so the feast is given an uncelebrated extra day. They liken this day of recovery to that Leir’Tyan had after her great feat of bearing the Virtog.

Occurrence. The Taug Rik'tyan feast is always celebrated in the month Alé'veván (Month of the Singing Bird). It does not have a set day, as it takes place after the third and final day of the blooming of the Rik’tyan.

History. This is a celebration that has gone on as far back into the mists of the tribes' beginnings. The Taug Rik'tyan is such an important event that wars and feuds have been stopped already in its favour. Such  is not a rare occurrence as the Taug Rik’tyan takes place in the early part of the Rarik’mystrume (battle season). The most notable occurrence of this was between the Arkadorian and Helveiton tribes during one of their many battles of an important bridge over the Luquador River. The Arkadorians had been attacked in a daring night attack on the fifth day of the battle for the bridge. The Arkadorians had succeeded in not only pushing back the Helveiton attack, but also ended up capturing the bridge, the intense battle raged for hours. The Arkadorians had almost pushed the Helveitons completely off the immense bridge when the lightening of the clouds could be seen. As soon as the Arkadorian commander saw this, he proceeded to call off the attack, as he knew it forbidden to interrupt the Taug Rik’tyan with bloodshed. Both tribes left the battleground and went their separate ways to enjoy themselves. This honor of Taug Rik’tyan garnered even more honor for the Arkadorian tribe then victory would have.

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