Important advisory institution in ancient times at the Erpheronian Kingdom. The Ten Houses of Voldar consisted of the most ancient and noblest families in the Erpheronian tribe. In effect, they formed the Ruling Council of Voldar and the current head of each family represented a seat on the council. They generally acted in advisory roles to the Erpheronian Rulers although in times of dire need, they could take an active stance in political matters if all ten houses were in accord and with just cause.

In 1650 b.S., when Caein was killed by Ol'dem'brey after murdering his father, the Erpheronian throne was left empty for a time while petty lordlings and noblemen nearly came to an open rebellion on the streets of Voldar in a bid for the title of Sovereign. The Ten Houses assessed the situation and came to a decision to allow Maengolth's daughter and sister of Caein, the Lady Jenefra, to become the next ruler, even though to appoint a female Sovereign was almost unheard of. It must be told that at least 4 Houses, headed by Nikos from the House of Lothari and Aerlicht of Hruth, were initially opposed to Jenefra's ascension, using the excuse of Caein's actions and betrayal as unsuitability. The real reason for their opposition being that each of the two Lords harbored the ambition to take the throne for himself.

However, it was Lady Jenefra's staunchest allies, Amalthea of the House of Eithar, Kel of the House of Branoc and Trioan of House Sellus who overcame the other 4 opposing factions and convinced the remaining neutral 3 seats to support Jenefra's claim to the throne.

Even the transformation of the Erpheronian kingdom into the Tharanian and finally the Santharian realm didn't change the influence of the Council in political matters of the recent province of Vardưnn of which Voldar still is the capital. Each seat of the Council is traditionally passed down to the eldest born of the current Lord or Lady, making it a hereditary position. If a current Head has passed away without leaving any heirs to take over his/her seat, the closest kin found will be assessed and tested by the other nine Houses for suitability and ability before allowing the kin to join the Ruling Council.

During Jenefra's reign, at the time of the Vardưnnian Atonement, the Ten Ruling Houses were as follows:

Lord/Lady House Family Crest
Amalthea Eithar A glorious phoenix surrounded by flames
Nikos Lothari A white wolf enclosed in a triangle
Aerlicht Hruth A fearsome rearing horse, silhouetted against a burning tree
Kel Branoc A bear within a broken cage
Trioan Sellus A sea serpent coiled around a spear
Preya Arkaisa A graceful swan in the middle of a golden circle
Quikos Essus A small weasel, baring its fangs against an unseen, bigger foe
Rianon Sigil A hound baying at the flaming sun
Strider Machlar A gargoyle looming ominously
Terylyn Cloriae An owl against a moonlit sky

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