The Santharian Dream is a non-commercial website. It is a project of fantasy enthusiasts who found together in order to achieve something which wouldn't be possible for a single person alone. Therefore the work of all these people and the time they spent in creating it should be respected.

All literaric texts, musics as well as images you can view at this site are either copyright by the webmaster personally, Christian Strobl (alias Artimidor Federkiel) or by any Santharian member you can view at the Team section. All these works are either exclusively done for the Santharian Dream or were explicitly permitted to be used here on the site. They must not be published or reproduced in any way without the creators' consent. Permissions to use these works have to be requested directly by the appropriate member. Thanx!


Luminessence Letters

The classic letter sets used on some pages of this site are provided free by Luminessence & Grab and Go Graphics, which you can visit here.

Some other few shareware items have also found their way into the Santharian Dream. Whenever scripts are used for the purpose of web presentation credit is given to the programmer through comments in the source code, which is open for the public.

However, the webmaster didn't intend to implement material which is protected property of another person. Should this be the case please deposit your objections and the items in question will be removed immediately.

Yours sincerely Santharian webmaster,

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