The winds predominating the skies of the world of Aér'aí'chán, mentioned in the elven myth of the Cárpa'dosía and scientifically described for the first time by the Santharian astronomer Cournan.

A Darkwind
Picture description: One of the many Darkwinds circling around the world of Aér'aí'chán. Image drawn by Artimidor.

According to the elven myth the High Goddess and Dreamer of the world, Avá the Beautiful, ordered all Wind (the Thoughts which sprang from Her Dream and which were spread in the universe) to gather at Her celestial home in the Beginning of Time. There She selected those winds which were closest to Her Dream and gave them direction in order to bring harmony to the Elements. These winds were called the Gods by the Children of Avá. However, there were other winds too in Her Dream, winds the High Goddess couldn't understand at first when She began to dream. These winds were all corrupt and chaotic and when they saw that they weren't selected by the Dreamer for the great tasks of forming the world of Aér'aí'chán they withdrew and hid far off. But these Darkwinds became minions of Coór and when the Gods had finished their work and their essence was contained in all things living, the Darkwinds returned in order to bring destruction upon the world. However, the power of the Gods within Aér'aí'chán resisted their ambitions and thus the Darkwinds engulfed the world, circling around the lands chaotically since the Beginning of Time in the everlasting struggle to conquer it with their dark essence.

In the Cárpa'dosía various different Darkwinds are mentioned and it is likely that they are innumerable. Their being is very uncertain and chaotic. Nevertheless the elven myth hints at a certain amount of main Darkwinds which are roaming the Aér'aí'chanían skies. It may sound rather strange but the famous astronomer Cournan, who wanted to find a thoroughly scientific explanation for the movements of the stars, indeed confirmed the content of the passages of the elven myth mentioning the Darkwinds. Cournan observed "mysterious, more or less regular movements of stars. The stars are following a weird, chaotical but to a certain degree somehow regular, yea, even symmetrical scheme" ("About the Movement of the Stars", Vol. III, p. 23, published in 1041 b.S.). Cournan connected the sixteen most brightest stars to the main wind directions (N, NNE, NE, NEE, E etc.), and this way unconsciously also related his theories to elven mythology. One of the final results of his researches was the setup of the Cournanian Calendar,which was introduced to the Erpheronians after his death. Later on other astronomers, like the famous Movi Farseer, described the movements of the Darkwinds in greater details. He called them "paradoxically intertwining, but not contradictory", a statement, which is still subject of discussion at the University of New-Santhala, not only among the astronomers, but also among the greatest philosophers of the realm. On the other hand Santharian
astronomers observe and take it for more or less granted that the main Darkwinds continually circle around the world of Aér'aí'chán from all possible directions. They mainly flow from each of the 16 main directions, making the night sky drastically different from day to day, or from month to month. 

As has already been mentioned the elven myth only hints at the existence of a certain amount of main Darkwinds, but explicitly names only a few.
It is also written there that the seemingly chaotic turns of the Darkwinds are part of a greater order and constitute cosmological harmony. They flow above and below Aér'aí'chán, along the edge of the encircling Etherial Void, in the area in between what is real and what is unreal, thus accounting for the great beauty and luminescence of the Star Constellations they chase. Because of the fact that elven mythology is related strongly to ethics and aesthetics, the mentioned Darkwinds in the Cárpa'dosía also bear the names of malices, of deeds guiding away from the path of Avá and Her supreme beauty which is reflected in the world. The names of the missing malices for the main Darkwinds not mentioned in the Cárpa'dosía were later on given by elven sages. The Auratic Winds, those winds which had not become gods and lived within all things existing from the Beginning of Time, on the other hand were given the names of virtues.

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