Calendar used in the Goblin Kingdom of Orcal located in the northern parts of the continent of Nybelmar.

The system. The calendar is very special based on years with 260 days and 13 months with 2 weeks in each of them. One week is 10 days, and therefore there are 20 days in a month. The abbrevation "b.O." (before Orcal) indicates the years before Orcals founding of the kingdom, and therefore, the abbrevation "a.O." (after Orcal) indicates the years after that. The year 0 in the Orcal Calendar would be called 1189 b.S. by the Santharians.

Names on days, months. The names of the days, weeks and months get their name from important historical events like the Coming of Gaffel, that resulted in the day name "Gafflday".

Table of Weekdays


Orcal Name


1 Gufrday Work Day
2 Gafflday Work Day
3 Orcaday Work Day
4 Huloday Work Day
5 Thuklday Work Day
6 Undraday Work Day
7 Gabsday Work Day
8 Holyday Holy Day - No Work Day
9 Gocalsday Holy Day - No Work Day
10 Morsday Holy Day - No Work Day


Table of Months


Orcal Month of the...

Named after...

1 Incomparable Fire ...the Element of Fire 
2 Turning Earth ...the Element of Earth
3 Changing Water ...the Element of Water
4 Sacred Wind ...the Element of Wind
5 Great Orcal ...Orcal the Great, founder of the Kingdom of Orcal 
6 First Olur ...Orcal the Great's first son
7 Fall of Fafrur ...the cease-fire at Fafrur
8 Second Olur of the greatest chiefs in Orcal's history
9 High Gocal ...High God Gocal
10 High Mor ...High God Mor
11 Lost Sons ...Orcal the Great's lost sons
12 Falling Sun ...the falling of the sun in this month
13 Great Feast ...the big feast that is celebrated throughout the last month of the year

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