Water Constellations represent the three Star Constellations related to the Gods of the element of Water. Like the element itself, the water constellations also seem often much more unpredictable than other constellations. Their character seems ephemeral, unsure and constantly changing so that they are very difficult to spot, even for the short period when they're locking into place. Thus water constellations are mainly related to things of the becoming and the transitory, of things, in which lie hope and disappointment, creation and destruction all in one.

(Baveras, Goddess of the Sea)

The Wave

Description. The constellation of Baveras, the Goddess of the Sea, consists of a group of five stars, forming the sign of an irregular triangle with the tip lying a bit far off. On each side of the triangle two stars lead to the central star, culminating in it, thus forming the symbol of a wave. The central star, dominating above all other stars is also the guiding star of the whole constellation. The Wave represents movement, the impetus which is contained in the nature of Water. The Wave stands for the tides, the unceasing fight between two opposing forces - of light and darkness, good and evil, of life and death. In elven mythology the Wave therefore is one of the most important symbols in order to understand the meaning and challenges of life, which are part of the Dream dreamed by the High elven Goddess Avá the Beautiful. In the same context elves have a high opinion of the human race, although humans who fought ferocious wars against the elves would never understand the elven point of view: In the eyes of the elves, humans represent the possibilities and dangers lying within the element of Water, from which they originated at the Beginning of Time, for the elves the human way is the way of the Wave.

Movement. As has already been mentioned the guiding star for the Wave is the central one, throning above all other stars and it shines in a soft light bluish color. The constellation is being carried from the western Darkwind to the east and the Darkwind's carrying it is called the Styrán-She (styrásh for the malice of "idleness"). The constellation is nearly invisible during the whole year, and even at the time when the stars lock into place, when directed by the guiding star, the constellation is only visible for a few hours. Even at this small amount of time, it needs a good eye to spot it, providing the stars aren't covered by heavy clouds floating with the Darkwinds. However, it is a common phenomenon when the clouds are moving much faster that the constellation locks into place as if to let the Wave come to life. Only the observation of the movements of the clouds hints at the sudden apparition of the constallation. If this fact isn't heeded, it will be nearly impossible to have a glance at it. According to the accelerated movement of the clouds the month which starts when the constellation of the Wave appears is named the Month of the Passing Clouds.
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(Jeyriall, Goddess of the Harvest)

The Cup

Description. The constellation of Jeyriall, Goddess of Harvest, is a group of eight stars called The Cup. A sharp curve of six brighter stars forms the top "bowl" of the cup, while two lower stars form the base of the triangular "handle". The guiding or dominant star is at the top right lip of the cup, so that when the constellation moves it appears that the cup is slowly tipping, pouring its bounties out upon the earth. Called O’quara, or "Faithful", this star is a deep blue in colour and scintillates with a beautiful, regular pulse (in fact, accurate enough so that guards and soldiers have been known to measure short units of time by it, when it is visible...)

The Cup represents the fickle but surprisingly generous nature of the human race; just as one is about to give up in disgust, it will perform some superlatively self-sacrificing or loving deed and raise one’s estimation yet again. As Jeyriall may give bounty in one season yet cause famine in another, or as the crops may be weak and weedy one year but lush and green the next, so too do humans change their behavior and their actions towards one another. The elves say that mankind, like water, will seek its lowest level at the last, but the dwarves are somewhat kinder, their proverb being that men are forged of lesser material and should not be used past their mettle. The elven astronomer Kará'kái writes, "At any rate, as the Cup circles round its guiding star, so men always have one fixed desire in their hearts that may be found and relied upon to guide them..."

Movement. The Cup being one of the images of the element of Water, it fluxes and flows like that unstable medium, and only in the month of the Sleeping Dreameress (Maáh'valannía in Styrásh) does it form into the clean, tight curve we see represented here. We can also note the minor constellation very close to O’quara; three dim white stars in the shape of a triangle, which are known as, naturally, the Drop. The constellation is being carried from the SSE to the NNW by the Ochnám-She Darkwind (styrásh for the malice of "promiscuity") and is constantly shaped and reshaped by that erratic force.
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(Seyella, Goddess of the Destiny)

The Blindfolded

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