Tarkkin is the kind patron of farmers, and is said to once have been the pet of Jeyriall, the Goddess of Harvest. His presence is a blessing as it can create fertile soil and a large harvest, as well as a promise of a good season in the bleak winter. Appearing much like a large deer (at over 4 peds tall!) he has a jet-black pelt and silver horns. Tarkkin would obviously be easy to spot in the daylight, but as Queprur had her hand in his appearance upon Caelereth, this creature only appears nocturnally; in the late hours it is invisible to those that are not looking for it.

Tarkkin, Patron of Farmers

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Appearance. Tarkkin is always depicted with long, stilted legs, and a long, elegant neck. Its horns always curve back behind the head and far past the skull into a crescent shape. It has three tails, each of which resembles a horse's tail. It is always black, sometimes with stars in its pelt to connect it with the night. Some eyewitness reports claim that Tarkkin is not a solid form, but just a black mist that changes into an elk when spotted. Others claim that it is not always an elk, but that it changes to the most abundant prey in the area. However, Tarkkin is always depicted as an elk in carvings and art. Return to the top

Special Abilities. Tarkkin is a single creature, who is said to roam all the lands of Caelereth. He can be seen if one looks for him, and to spot the massive dark elk silouhette against the midinight sky is an amazing sight. Though he may be re-animated, he is full of life and strength; he is known to rouse still-sleeping people from their beds and into the night, so that they sleepwalk.

Tarkkin has no known mate, and as far as any can tell, there is only one of him. When the land he treads upon is pained he walks slowly, and if one views carefully they can see a seeping wound in his bosom. That is said to be the point where Arvins, the God of Hunt, once pierced the elk.
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Myth/Lore. Tarkkin is connected with Jeyriall, the Goddess of Harvest, as he fortifies the fields. A myth told among Santharin folk follows as such:

"Tarkkin was once the pet of Jeyriall. A wild and carefree spirit, he would aimlessly wander while Jeyriall worked on creating the world, sometimes traipsing into unknown territroy. Arvins had spotted Tarkkin once, and concluded that he would hunt the massive deer, not knowing Jeyriall was its master.

As Tarkkin was carefree, he never noticed Arvins stalking him, and Arvins took Tarkkin down swiftly. Jeyriall became worried when Tarkkin didn't return, and she searched for him.

Upon finding Arvins with her felled Tarkkin, she became heartbroken. She quickly set into action, and made a promise with Queprur.

If Queprur allowed Tarkkin to live away from the Home of the Aviaria, upon Caelereth, then Jeyriall would allow her to kill the plants of Caelereth for three months of the year (winter), to honor the dead and the dying. Queprur agreed.
Before his departure, Jeyriall gave Tarkkin a blessing of fertility; to hold a promise of good crops to Caelereth during the dead months. Queprur set Tarkkin free upon Caelereth, though he was banished to be hidden from the eye of most by prowling the night. As Tarkkin now had the gift of Jeyriall, he held the promise of a good season coming, and he roams the earth, replenishing the lands when they are barren."

-- "Stories of the Gods" Caenrella Monsulan, p. 33. Return to the top

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