The UnSthommerons (Dwarven Fathers)

The UnSthommerons (Thergerim UnSthommerons or "those like stone", also known as the Therbarolerons, "Dwarven Fathers") are the seven giants carved from living stone by Trum-Baroll, the Forging God, the Shaper of Earth Himself (called Urtengor by the humans). They are called Aephesvil, Corunvil, Hothesvil, Kannvil, Quontvil, Trumvil and Unphvil. They sought to imitate their creator and in turn carved more creatures like themselves, who became the ancestors of the dwarves. They are perceived as demi-gods or arch-ancestors in dwarven religion, and each has their own personality and responsibilities in the spiritual world of the Thergerim, as described below.

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