Tansin oil is a very precious liquid used by the Kanapan nobility. It is used to denote nobility as well as seen in a religious light. This sacred oil is not known outside of the Kanapan peninsula, and the secret of it's making is known to only a special few.

Usage. This oil is rubbed upon the skin and with the oil along with sunlight, it will darken your skin quite a bit. Due to its rarity it is applied in a certain way. The oil is first put on the face, then the hands. Most nobles can afford enough to at least darken this amount of their bodies. For the poorer nobles, they keep the rest of themselves clothed, thus not only the skin coloration, but also the amount of clothing worn by nobles is indicative of their rank. After the face and hands, the feet are darkened. Next comes the arms, this is about what an average noble can afford. The next step is the neck, then the chest. The final show of wealth and nobility is being able to put oil upon all of your legs, only the noblest go about swathed in an embroidered loin-cloth.

Tansin Oil is also seen as holy, as the darker the noble, the more they resemble Lorfurno their god. Since Lorfurno is a black bull, if the noble is very dark it is seen as a sign of Lorfurno's blessing upon that noble. Thus, they are respected more by the people, and given a place of higher power.

Production. Baskets of seeds from the Tansia bush are gathered. The seeds are then separated from their pods and cut in half. The chopped seeds are then boiled in water for two days. After that time most of the water has evaporated, leaving the seeds and some water heavily laced with the natural juices of the seeds. The seed pieces are then scrupulously taken out. Then a fair amount of bullís urine is added, then the mixture is simmered for another 3-4 days depending upon the heat of the mixture. During this time several other ingredients are added. They are all ingredients thought to add to nobility. Next one must combine several flecks of gold, a small sliver of bullhorn, and a drop of blood to the mixture. After all of the simmering, they are left with a very small amount of oil.

Origin. Tansin Oil is said to have been derived during the aftermath of the Year of Burning Night. The new religion of Lorfurno was taken up, and much of the nobility and social system had been destroyed. So, several Lofurtien came together and came up with several things they thought would be needed by a good leader, and eventually created this kind of oil. When it was found to darken the skin, it was a sign that Lorfurno approved, and has been in use since that time.

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