The Day of Avis is a tradition in the province of Vardýnn, today also marking the first day of each month in the Santharian Calendar. "Avis" (Avis) means - translated from Styrásh - "arrival" and stood for the regular visits of the elven ambassadors of the Aellenrhim elves to the capital of the former Erpheronians, Voldar. The visits were paid for a time span of several years after the peace was sealed between the races following SW II, the Oath of the Young, the Tethías'Quarón, at 501 b.S. They took place on the first day of each third month and served in order to discuss important political matters but mainly to strengthen the bonds between the former foes, humans and elves. Although these traditional visits don't exist anymore in this form, the Day of Avis is still celebrated in Vardýnn and has turned to a common market-day. Don't miss the Day of Avis when travelling through Voldar or any other Vardýnnian town, as drinks are sold to reduced prices!

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