Salsair holds one of the greatest festivals in all of Santharia, the Festival of the Horse. It is a week long festival, where the horse is placed front and center. It was primarily a Centoraurian festival that has grown through the years, to where it draws people from all over the continent. As the Festival of the Horse is not a religious festival, it attracts people of many different backgrounds, and races. Thus every fifth summer, in the second week of Burning Heavens, Salsair becomes the center of one of the largest peaceful gatherings of diverse peoples in the entire world.

Location. Salsair lies in the province of Vardżnn. The festival grounds proper are located just outside the city. Days in advance, tents and stands are set up by vendors, merchants and performers. A large oval racing ring was built to accommodate the races, and this is the only permanent structure here, complete with large stands of seats. The area in the center of this oval is where some of the other events are held, in a fighting ring, and there is a stage here for the Grande Pageant. Around this area, a veritable nomadic settlement springs up every five years, where everyone lives during the festival. Return to the top

Events. The Festival of the Horse in Salsair features the following events:

As well, while the contests are held during the day, entertainers perform for the crowd all day long, by those not famous enough to be featured in the Grande Pageant. Merchants hawk their wares, exotic animals are displayed, vendors prepare quick meals, and games of chance can be found almost everywhere. A showcase of the many tribes is presented. As well, it is a favourite festival for the notorious Black Butterfly Rovers. It is here that livestock shows are held, where little money is won, but traders and breeders can make a name for themselves. Pig races are held at the tilting field when there are no jousting events. This is always a crowd favourite. For the children, there are rides on Sarvonian draught ponies. Return to the top

Famous People Associated with the Festival. There are various names that have to be mentioned when talking about the great Festival of the Horse in Salsair:

Importance. During the course of the week long festival, the population of Salsair can be almost double. It is a period of boon to the city. Inns are always booked solid, at greatly inflated prices compared to the rest of the year, and all manner of wares can be found. This huge influx of visitors greatly affects the economy. Though the price of everything goes up considerably, the locals usually have made arrangements with their local merchants to get products at the rate available the rest of the year. Extra soldiers are brought in from neighbouring cities, to help keep the peace, though there have never been any major disturbances associated with the festival. Petty crimes are increased, but that is to be expected with the gathering of that many people. Return to the top

History/Origin. Most of the events that are used in competition here were all skills that the ancient horse warriors excelled at. Where individual warriors would compete to see who was the best, now they are used to entertain the large crowds. People travel far and wide to attend these games, and they are a status symbol to the elite of Santharia.

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(YEARS 1.144 A.S. - 1.440 A.S.)
1.392 Beginning of the Festival of the Horse in Salsair
Raevalem starts the Festival of the Horse in Salsair as a competition between warriors. Lasting initially only two days, it includes Horse Racing, Jousting, and Battle of the Sword, as well as both types of archery.

Money is now given as prize incentive.

Chariot races are added, and a racing oval is built.

(YEARS 1.440 A.S. - 1.540 A.S.)
Wagon Pull is added to the events.

Smith Forge becomes popular, drawing dwarves into the festival.

Warrior Battle is added, as warriors from all over Santharia begin to come to the festival. The Festival is expanded to 4 days, to accommodate all the new competitors. King Aculim publicly sanctions this festival.

(YEARS 1.540 A.S. - TODAY)
Cook-off is added, as women make their contribution to the festival, which has become more of a full family affair. A fifth day of activities is now added.

Hawking becomes an event, adding to the family entertainment.

Horse Breaking is added. This is introduced by the northern Remusian tribes, and there is some outrage against it from the Centoraurians who view it as cruel.

The Grande Pageant becomes the closing venue for each night. Braelachim the Magnificent creates this new feature and stars in it, amazing audiences with his feats of derring do.

Wison Breaking is seen for the first time, as Ice Tribe warriors have come for the first time.

Aj Racing, from the Shendar tribes, is used as a demonstration event. No prize money will be awarded, but if proven popular, will return the next year as a real event.


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