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30 October 2006, 19:02:50

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Author Topic: How to do Bestiary entries  (Read 1340 times)
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Artimidor Federkiel
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« on: 15 December 2001, 04:48:00 »
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If you do an entry, always make sure to use the appropriate development icon when you post it here on the Forum at the first post of the thread. Change this icon by editing the first post at the thread once the status changes as well. The icon may also be changed by a Moderator or Administrator.

... Entry is still being edited, not really ready for comments yet

... Entry is done, waiting for comments now

... There's a major question concerning this entry, where an answer is necessary. You can/should put the topic of the question in brackets in your post title.

... Entry is ready for upload. Don't add this posticon!  It will be put up by a moderator after they feel the entry is complete.

... Entry was already integrated by your dear webmaster. If you can't see it on the site yet, it's probably because the update is still in progress.
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Artimidor Federkiel
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« Reply #1 on: 27 December 2003, 17:31:00 »
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   Basic Overview of the Beast
Do a short description on the beast, which can be placed on top of the entry and at the general overview page: What kind of beast (category) is it? How large is it approx.? Where does it live? What are it's most important features etc. When you read the overview you should know most important things about the beast, before you've even read the whole entry.

A detailed description of what the beast looks like. Everything from size, in peds, to bone structure. I stress the 'detailed' part, put in as much detail as possible. This doesn't mean make it as long as possible, go for quality over quantity.

If you need measures and weights in order to describe your beast, please refer to the general Measures and Weight tables.

         Special Abilities
Do these creatures have any sort of special abilities? Able to withstand extreme cold, run very fast, things like that. And if they do, then how do they do this? A specific muscle structure, or extra fat layer?

Where are they found? Check out the map section, do some research on the differen't places, and make the best choice on what you find. A creature with thick fur? Probably somewhere cold. That type of thing.
If you were to see these creatures, what kinds of things would they be doing? Challenging the pack leader for control, or wandering by itself? Get into as much detail as you can.

What do your creatures eat? And if they eat a lot, what is their favorite food? Also make sure that what they eat can be found where they live, otherwise it just isn't practical;)        

What are their mating behaviors or rituals? Do they mate at all? Is there maybe some sort of dance? Which gender is the aggressor usually? Again, detail.

Additional, but not necessary:

         Myth/Lore/Origin (Optional)
Do they come from anywhere special? Applicable e.g. at supernatural creatures like demons, ghosts, spirits etc.

         Researchers (Optional)
Any noted researchers on these creatures?

Usages (Optional)
In case products or parts of this animal (like milk, hide etc.) have a special use, let us know who uses them, where and why.

         Anything else

Can you think of any details to make this even better?


Some general things we should add here:

Always keep in mind that this is a fantasy world!

... that words like "vitamins", "chemicals", "genes", "fossils" etc. usually are unknown terminology to medieval researchers. So keep away from these things, and also don't try to explain everything in detail what researchers of the 20th century have found out. Researchers of the Middle Ages weren't really "scientists", but mainly investigated what they could see, watch and thus describe. We have alchemists in the "medieval" world of Santharia, no chemists, which is an important difference, as alchemists are still lacking the profound background chemists of nowadays have.

In the same respect I guess we can't emphasize enough that though evolution and belief don't necessarily have to contradict each other in our world of today, it was impossible to think of such things 1000 years ago. Especially in a fantasy world like ours I think that we should forget about evolution in the Darwinistic sense completely. We have other explanations why the original landmass split into various parts (Gods/War of the Chosen) and a typical evolutionary theory doesn't fit too well  to our mythical concepts.

Also try to make your stuff as unique "Santharian" as possible. Why not create a giant beetle, a large bloodfly, a strange fish, mushroom trees... - which never existed here on earth? It's good that we use some "earth creatures" in Santharia as well, especially horses, cows, deer, some cats, and bees are helpful as well etc. But always keep in mind that unique Santharian creatures should predominate over "modified" or "twisted" earth creatures!

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