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30 October 2006, 19:02:29

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Author Topic: What do they know about genetics on Caelereth?  (Read 190 times)
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Talia Sturmwind
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« Reply #15 on: 07 October 2006, 22:44:57 »
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Of course, Mira, we were speaking of Ximaxian magic.

I always said, that no other magical system should be able to achieve anything the Ximaxian cannot, just because we defined the physics of our world like this (but that is the view of the developer and not of the people of Santharia). However, with Coren's idea of altering the probability of events it might be different.
Still, no other magical system should be much stronger than the other - just out of balance reasons. So in my opinion the Krean Magic should be restricted in practice as the Ximaxian is (we don‘t have many powerful archmages or weavers.) That doesn't mean that it cannot be possible to base more of the daily life on magic than we have it in Santharia.

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« Reply #16 on: 08 October 2006, 22:32:44 »
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I wouldn't say they can't achieve anything Ximax can't, but any such things should never appear 'on screen'.  Otherwise, it'd really mess with what we've already established. 

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Coren FrozenZephyr
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« Reply #17 on: 14 October 2006, 19:14:59 »
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Okay, why is it that whenever I am away people feel an irresistable urge to expound on Krean magic and claim to base those on theories or implications I have not expressly mentioned or approved? There is a reason I am keeping Krean Magic low profile and that is: I do not have time to develop, explain or defend it fully. Therefore, I wish to avoid its evolving into something it never was supposed to be by word of mouth without my consent - how do I seek to accomplish this? By consciously remaining silent about its content and principles. For now, it is enough to accept that:

a) Krean society is more magically-inclined (in the sense that they rely heavily on magic and integrate it more fully and frequently into their everyday life)
b) Krean people's magic (ie Magic of the Ancient Krean - before Year of Darkness) is VERY powerful - however, this does not mean that EVERY Krean practitioner of the arcane arts has the knowledge/power of a Ximaxian archmage... (which is a point I think people are glossing over...)
c) Krean magic is adept at manipulating the forces of nature, healing, and flora

None of the entries on the Krean have anything to suggest that the Krean magic can achieve the impossible etc so no need to worry about theoretical limitations at the moment.

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