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Author Topic: Remusiat/ Remusian Capital/ Ice Lands Coast  (Read 2002 times)
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The Remusian

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« on: 14 October 2007, 04:57:32 »

In the introduction and general overview you give a general description of the place. A few items should be included, such as geographical position (in what continent, what province/kingdom the place is located), inhabitants and maybe a particular item of history or legend which the town, kingdom, mountain etc. is famous for. The introduction represents a short overview for a quick reader, who only wishes to know the general things about the place.


There is a center of learning in Remusiat that is in its infancy.  A School of Thought has been created to house the great store of knowledge of the Remusians.  There are teachers here, as well as a great library filled with scrolls, most of which are wison calf vellum.  The learning center is only open to males, and teaches them in history, engineering and military strategy.  Only boys between the ages of 10 and 15 are allowed here, with the prerequisite than they can already read and write.  This was only accomplished with private tutors, which meant only the rich usuallt got an education.  The school had a great controversy that nearly shut it down, when it was found out that Surgeons there were paying for bodies to be used in anatomical dissections.  Two teachers had hired petty criminals to find dead bodies, which they did in the primitive areas of the country.  However, they were caught when they tried to steal bodies in the Necropolis under the city, and quickly confessed to who their employers were.

A Erpheronian named Krysdon Gallus, came to Remusiat in 1597 A.S.  He was a healer who found favour within the court of King Jhuishten, grandfather of King Timeras.  Gallus becomes the Kings personal physician, as well as a teacher in the learning center in Remusiat, training many other doctors in his years there.

A great lighthouse sits in the center of Remusiat’s wondrous round harbour.  It is built of heavy stone, and rises 100 fores in height.  A fire is kept burning there, reflected off a polished metal backing so that ships may find their way in to the harbour at night.

The temples dedicated to Kor’och are known as Kivhar-eck-Kor’och, or quite literally, House of Kor’och.  At the head of the building, the main cleric will preach his sermons to the gathered crowd, who are divide by sex.  The males get the closer seats, while the women are relegated to the periphery, held behind a railing.  Any women who dares to transgress this boundary, will be taken out and ritually strangled.  It is enough that Kor’och lets this weaker sex into the building to hear his words at all.

The Kivhar-eck-Koroch in Remusiat is a grand structure, built with Araman’s personal funds.  Araman was a devout follower of the religion, and changed the official religion of the Remusian’s from the traditional Ice tribe religion to that of Kor’och.

Pillars stand in front of the temple, on a raised dais that is traversed by a large staircase from the ground.  The main doors lead to an anteroom, where non Remusians are allowed to watch the proceedings.  With special permission, some non Remusians have been allowed to join the regular congregation.  This, however, is rare.  Inside the ante-room is the outer area, devoid of seats, where women are allowed to listen to the sermons.  This area is separated from the inner area by a railing.  The inner area has many seats, for the men to sit.

The main Cleric, called the Kor’och-ohm-Wochen (God’s Word), reads from a scroll called The Wochen (The Word), which is a revered scroll copied carefully from an original that dates back to the time of Kor’och. 

The town square in Remusiat is decorated with dozens of ice sculpture each winter.  At night, torches are lit to illuminate these sculptures, which transform the square into a magical place.

Rich Remusians owned multi family domiciles that brought them money in the form of monthly rent.  These buildings had luxury apartments on the first floor, complete with more than one room, and large fireplaces.  Above this, the rooms were small, cramped with small hearths.  Some of these apartment buildings can reach three stories in height.  The stairs are found on the outside. 

A carriage that sits on Carteloreen skis is what the more affluent of Remusian society use to traverse the streets of Remusiat.  These carriages are often richly designed and crafted.

In this part you describe the place itself. What's in it, who lives there, what the functions of the town, kingdom etc. are. Try at least to mention the following things:
- landscape
- general purpose
- description of houses, natural surroundings

Other items you could discuss (depends of course on what you describe):
- religions of relevance at this location
Anything can be in here if it relates to the place specifically.

Purpose of this section is to describe the exact location of the place, including kingdom and continent, with adjacent places like towns and forests and possibly kingdom borders or tribes or special landscape objects. Included could be a map cut from the main map showing the place and it's surrounding area, but this is Artimidor's work.


An aristocrat, the Count Farythohn Gallashahr-ohm-Lyrocal, became one of Remusiat’s most infamous criminals, when it was discovered that for years, he had been having women kidnapped and kept as sex slaves in his manor house.  He was a monster of depravity, and it was said that even soldiers who had come to place him under arrest, were overcome with horror at what they had seen.  After his arrest, his servants, who had been accomplices to his madness, were beheaded after a short trial.  The count, however, was left alive, for a short time.  His hands and feet were cut off, and then he was set adrift in a boat with no oars, as is the Remusian way of dealing with people with mental problems.  Though, his crimes warranted the removal of his extremities.

Workers, known as Pot Dumpers travel from home to home, emptying chamber posts and taking the contents to a reseved area on the coast, where they are dumped.  The workers charge a small fee for this service.  Those who cannot afford this luxury, must take their chamberpots themselves.  Those found dumping their pots within the city can be fined heavilly for this.

What kind of people/tribes inhabit the region? And approximately how many? In which part of the region do they settle and why?

Coat of Arms (optional)
If the place is a city or tower or a place similar to that, you should as well describe a coat of arms for it. The symbols and drawings on it should somehow describe the place or its attitude. If the description is done well, one of our artists may draw it for real to accompagny your entry in the Compendium. So make sure that this description is as detailed as possible.

Climate (optional)
It's always good to know how the weather conditions are in the region you describe (you don't have to describe the climate for buildings of course *hehe*): When does it rain in this region? And how often? Is there snow in winter? Is it stormy all day long? Are there good conditions for crops to grow? And so on. You get the idea, right?

Mythology (optional)
Often places have legends telling how the place was created or founded. To be original is sometimes difficult here, but a legend of a city can range from a city built on the fundaments of an ancient wizard's tower, the battle that was won at that spot, two heroes who met there etc.

Flora (optional)
Plants, herbs, trees - put in details here! Not always required to add, e.g. if you're working on a town or village. But always good to have, though.

Fauna (optional)
Animals, beasts, monsters - put in details here! Same here as at Flora. Not necessary, but nice to have.

Resources (optional)

An important trade item for the Remusians is Carteloreen bone, which is formed into hoops to be used in hoop dresses, made for the genteel ladies of the south.

Describe natural resources and geological conditions here: Can there be found minerals in this region? Or do the inhabitants depend on fish they catch? etc.

Myth/Lore (optional)
If you can think of a story or two about this place/region you describe or about sayings, proverbs associated with it, here you go!

History (optional)

(date TBD) Remusiat was King Pasdaxus’ fortress long before it became a city.  It was a fortress built in the War of the Chosen.  It held out for nearly a year, before falling.  It has never fallen since.

(date TBD) Thangethes, Lanrul of the Remusian people, falls in love with the wife of one of his warlords, and has the warlord lead a small fighting force against the Tokarian peoples, then does not send reinforcements.  The warlord is killed and Thangethes is then free to marry the widow.

(date TBD) Pidandra of 150 Days Pidandra takes on the rule of Lanrul after her father dies.  After a stormy period of fifty days, she is overthrown.  She becomes known as Pidandra of the Fifty Days.

(date TBD) The Great Tumbling  A massive shaking of the ground nearly destroys Remusiat, forcing it to rebuild.  Much loss of life occurred, and it brought about the invention of the carteloreen framed roof, which was lighter than the stone roofs that had previously been built.

(date TBD)The Sinking of The Anpagan Tradeship One of the first trading vessels that came to Remusiat ended in bloodshed.  Remusian men were hired to unload the ship from Anpagan merchants.   Due to the haughty nature of the merchants, bad blood broke out and the Remusians were ordered off ship, but the Captain had one man held back.  The man was then flogged before being thrown off ship.  This insult did not go unpunished, and during dark of night, Remusian thugs snuck onboard and killed the merchants.  The ship was then set alight and sank just outside the harbour.

1654 A.S. The Noble Rebellion The nobles band together to try to force a parliament.  This during the last days of King Araman’s rule.  Timeras, with the backing of the people, considers the motion as a rebellion, and many nobles are arrested, with the leaders executed as traitors in the traditional Remusian way, being sent naked onto the frozen wastes.

From the day the place was created to the day it was destroyed or to the present, a general outline of all events happening in between should be given here. It's recommended to make some sort of table for the History and you should follow this scheme:

Date (e.g. 10.000 b.S.), Caption (e.g. Battle at XYZ), Description (What exactly happened in this battle)
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"Lather...Rinse...Repeat"   Why has God made my life so complicated?

This is what I'm working on
Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin
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The Remusian

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« Reply #1 on: 14 October 2007, 04:59:18 »

A project I will be working on.  I will be moving slowly on this, as I want to get my other projects cleared up first.  Just wanted the thrill of seeing a new topic go up.

 police Move along folks, nothing to see here.

"Lather...Rinse...Repeat"   Why has God made my life so complicated?

This is what I'm working on
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