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Author Topic: Master Plan: The Santharian Province of Xaramon  (Read 8866 times)
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« on: 28 December 2007, 18:24:36 »


Master Plan Goal Definitions

Please do not post in this thread.  Instead, matters concerning the Xaramon Master Plan should be discussed in the discussion thread.  

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« Reply #1 on: 28 December 2007, 18:25:41 »

Places and Geography

Quote from: Artimidor
Places and Geography comprises everything that has to do with major settlements of people or settlements of importance for people or geographical occurences worth mentioning that has an influence on the people living there - or not living there.

Here's the Master Plan for places within Xaramon.  The idea was to provide some general structure around which the province could be developed.  The places have been grouped according to region, and some relevant information has been provided.  Each of them should ideally get an entry eventually, but for now, priority should be given to the more important places, eg. Caelum.  Also, many of the places are currently lacking names, so you are most welcome to suggest some.  

(Working on a new map.  Check the discussion thread for more information.  )

Some general notes:
1. Xaramon is no more magical than the other provinces, whatever reputation it might have ("province of magicians" and stuff like that).  Only Ximax is magical to any extent, and even then probably not as much as people think.  

2. The map does not show all the settlements found in the province, just in general the more notable ones.  Usually, except for places not very suitable for permanent settlement (eg. steppes and mountains, which happens to make up a large portion of the province), one should find at least a village every couple dozen strals or so.  So, you can make something up if you want, though there are already a few 'placeholder' locations for you to choose from; just make sure they are in a sensible location, or have a good justification if they aren't.  Just keep in mind that priority should be given to more important places.  

3. Likewise, there are more forests than are shown on the map.  The ones on the map are all very notable in some way; there would be other, less important forests throughout the parts of the province with suitable conditions for a forest to grow in.  

4. Much of the province used to be Kyranian territory, but by the time Kyrania joined Tharania, most were effectively Kyranian in name only, having been taken over by Centoraurian/Helcrani nobles.  Kyranian influence would probably have deteriorated even further after the Kyranians overthrew their king and joined Tharania, so that nowadays the province would largely be culturally Centoraurian.  (see here)

5. Officially, Xaramon is ruled by a Thane.  However, unlike the other provinces, the position of the Thane of Xaramon is rotated amongst the dukes rather than being kept in a certain family.  So the power that comes with it is more or less spread amongst them.  Aside from this, there is also the government of Ximax, which probably has some amount of unofficial influence by virtue of Ximax being the capital.  

Duchy of Gilden
  • A fairly typical duchy, by Santharian standards (but less so when compared with the other duchies in Xaramon)
  • The heart of the former Kyranian kingdom, except for the eastern and southern portions, which were Eyelian (at least at 482 b.S.)

  • Caelum:
    • A very large city (population about 100,000) located at the mouth of the Dorashi river
    • Known as El'Dorash very, very long ago (the Dorashi river apparently got its name from it; see here)
    • Was the capital of Kyrania
    • Was and still is an important trading city, probably largely due to its location at the mouth of the Dorashi River
    • Also houses the biggest temple of Eyasha (see here), making it possibly quite important in religion as well

  • Naios:
    • Founded as a fortified town on a hill near the Wind Bay between 933 and 806 b.S. by Aprag Naios Dereswungen, and possibly named after him as well (see here)
    • Has since grown into a city

  • Blue City 2:
    • Probably has a fairly important naval base of some sort; that position looks relatively strategic
    • Needs a name, obviously

  • Blue Cities 1, 3, and 4:
    • A few more cities located along the coast, no plans beyond that for now
    • Need names too

  • Needs a name
  • A small duchy, a fairly large portion of which is taken up by the Shivering Wood
  • Part of Kyrania at 482 b.S. (see here), but probably under significant Centoraurian influence by then

  • Pelaburg:
    • A city located where the unnamed river joins the Dorashi River

  • Neudorfling:
    • A town located somewhere near the edges of the Steppe of Kruswik

  • Marbellou:
    • A town located by the coast

  • Ribellou:
    • Another town located by the coast

  • Shivering Wood:
    • Entry exists, but needs to be revised
    • A huge forest that takes up a large portion of the duchy
    • Was once inhabited by a dark elven tribe called the Tsváen’mol’khár (who might have been the ones who laid siege to Ximax from 777-773 b.S.), but they are long gone

  • Unnamed Green-Aqua river:
    • One of the larger tributaries of the Dorashi River, flowing southeast from the Anghorth Alsae mountains into the Dorashi River
    • Starts out as three separate rivers in Green, but merge into one in the Shivering Wood
    • Need names

  • Needs a name
  • Not actually a duchy, but a group of smaller fiefs (baronies, perhaps)
  • Linked Ximaxian territories to the rest of Centorauria (and also controls access to Ximax)
  • Consequently has a chain of forts protecting it
  • Historically mostly under Centoraurian control, though other powers probably sought to exert control over it too
  • Probably intentionally (in modern times) kept fragmented rather than united under a duke, to keep it from threatening Ximax

  • Aleximorton, Centaurdom, Crataion, Shiver Fort, Celevarn, and Oromarta:
    • Towns that grew around the forts mentioned above

  • Alsgammon:
    • A town located at the coast, perhaps built around a coastal fort

  • Unnamed Green-Aqua river:
    • One of the larger tributaries of the Dorashi River, flowing southeast from the Anghorth Alsae mountains into the Dorashi River
    • Starts out as three separate rivers in Green, but merge into one in the Shivering Wood
    • Need names

Duchy of Hypheria
  • A very tiny duchy, consisting only of Horth and some surrounding lands (which should have villages and maybe even some towns, but are probably not very notable)
  • Originally part of the Centoraurian kingdom, but became an independent city-state based around Horth when Centorauria became fragmented around 617 b.S. (see here)
  • Remained independent mainly due to being good at diplomacy and maintaining good relations with whoever is the strongest at the time
  • Rejoined Centorauria when the kingdom was reunified around 575 b.S.
  • Probably gained its duchy status around this time too

  • Horth:
    • Entry exists, but needs to be revised
    • No longer a small town, but a small city at least, and has been so for quite a long time
    • One of the main trade routes in Xaramon passes through it, so it might actually be somewhat larger than 'small'
    • For now, the only really notable urban area in Hypheria

Bright Red
  • Needs a name
  • Another of the Centoraurian territories that broke off around 617 b.S. and rejoined the kingdom around 575 b.S.

  • Rumeflor:
    • A city by the Cyon Sola Bay; no plans for it at the moment

  • Chaun and Kerrine:
    • Mentioned in the entry on Dalmac Brandivere
    • Might not actually need entries, unless they are somehow notable in other ways

  • Needs a name
  • Consists largely of the northern portions of the Steppe of Kruswik, which is probably not very heavily populated
  • Probably still has a significant population (comparable to that of one of the smaller duchies), mostly located at the wetter areas near shores of the Aerelian Lakes

  • Dysgammon:
    • Large city (population around 40,000) located by the Aerelian Lakes
    • Name translates as 'Westbury', meaning 'Fort of the West'

  • Corgammon:
    • Large city (population around 25,000-30,000) located by the Aerelian Lakes
    • Might have originally been Kyranian, and was certainly under Kyranian control at 482 b.S. (see here)

  • Needs a name
  • Covers the central portion of the Steppe of Kruswik, including one of the main areas where the Kyranians originally settled (see here)
  • Kyranian civilization eventually became centered around the southwest (mostly the Blue parts), but a few important places remain
  • Quite big, but not very heavily populated, so it is ruled without the assistance of gravens

  • Cratinth:
    • A city that grew around the palace built by Caldar Eywing around 963 b.S., near a sacred forest
    • The place most pilgrims visiting the forest stay at

  • Important Arwood:
    • Needs a name!
    • The sacred forest mentioned above (arwoods are sacred forests that play a role similar to that of temples for worshippers of Arvins, who do not have temples; see here)
    • In 963 b.S., after receiving a prophecy from Arvins and praying to him for 12 days, Caldar Eywing sees and, interpreting it as a sign, shoots a white stag in the forest  
    • After bringing the stag back to an altar, he receives yet another prophecy, and later declares the forest sacred and builds his palace on a hill next to it (see here)

  • Ruins of Sheyaur Castle:
    • A great fortress built around 11640 b.S. at the top of the Ilian Plateau by Cyroan Thromgolin, a great tactician and one of the early Kyranian leaders
    • Was in ruins by 963 b.S. (see here)

  • Yellow City 1:
    • Needs a name too
    • Another of the cities located along the Dorashi river, so it probably sees a fair amount of trade

  • Ilian Plateau:
    • Possibly an extension of the Lower Fores
    • Settled around 11640 b.S. and cleared of all bushes and trees (see here), which might or might not have since grown back
    • Probably no longer very heavily populated, if at all

Dark Red
  • Needs a name
  • Even bigger than Yellow, but also not very heavily populated, and likewise ruled without any help from gravens

  • Dorasheim:
    • A city located by the Dorashi River

  • Nerterpel:
    • Name translates as 'Dwarvenaxe'
    • Controls a relatively important trade route (leading to Elsreth, and perhaps New Santhala as well)
    • Probably relatively heavily fortified due to its location

  • Curtoron:
    • A town located by the river

  • Idyllia:
    • Another town located by the river

  • Lower Fores:

    • Unnamed Red river:
      • One of the larger tributaties of the Dorashi river, flowing eastwards from the Lower Fores into the Dorashi river
      • Name(s) needed

    Vontron Stý'cál
    • The territory of the Sanhoirhim Elves, which consists mostly of Vontron Forest
    • Entry exists for Vontron Forest, but could perhaps use a bit of fleshing out
    • Consider developing some places within the forest

    • The territory directly governed by Ximax, basically the Cha'domm Peninsula minus the parts claimed by the Zirghurim (though Ximax probably does not have much control over the rest of the mountains either, not that there's much there for them to control)
    • Ximax is probably a direct vassal of the Thane (cf. the Holy Roman Empire's Free Imperial Cities), making Cha'domm about equivalent to a duchy in status, more or less, though not formally one.  
    • Not open for development yet

    Zirghurim Territories
    • Unlike other Dwarven tribes, the Zirghurim claim not only the underground areas, but the surface as well

    • These are things that don't fit very well into the above categories, but are still relevant to Xaramon

    • Dorashi River:
      • Big river that flows through the central portion of Xaramon, more or less bisecting the Steppe of Kruswik
      • Probably named after Caelum, then known as El'Dorash (see here)
      • Very important for trade in the province
      • Most of the population of the steppe duchies (Yellow, and to a smaller extent, Red) would be located along this river

    • Aerelian Lakes:
      • recently updated

    • Cyon Sola Bay, Bay of the Sky, and Wind Bay:
      • Large bays to the east of Xaramon
      • Should probably be done as separate entries

    • Steppe of Kruswik:
      • Huge steppe that covers a large portion of the province
      • Steppes are supposed to be fairly dry (not enough water to support trees), so the area probably does not receive much rainfall
      • Which means it's probably not very good for agriculture, at least not without pretty good irrigation

    • Zirkumire Mountains:
      • Collective term for a group of four mountain ranges: the Anghorth Alsae range, the Wanderer Mountains, the Westron Hills, and the Magic Sickle range
      • The Anghorth Alsae are in Green, the other ranges are part of Cha'domm
      • May be done as a single entry or separately; entry already exists for the Zirkumire mountains collectively, and Anghorth Alsae range, but both need to be revised
      • The Wanderers are mostly volcanic
      • The Westron Hills are really mountains, despite the name; they are just quite short, especially when compared to the Wanderer and Magic Sickle ranges

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    « Reply #2 on: 28 December 2007, 18:31:35 »

    Resources and Essentials

    (Work in progress)


    Terrestrial Animals



    Birds of Prey
    Toran Eagle
    Wood Owl
    Common Gull
    Illoryn Waterbird


    Reptiles and Amphibians


    Aquatic Animals




    Monstrous/Supernatural Creatures

    Draconic Beasts
    Gold Drake
    Sea Dragon
      Other Beasts
    Giant Spider
    Grass Ripper


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    « Reply #3 on: 28 December 2007, 18:34:48 »


    The governmental structure of Xaramon roughly follows what is laid out in the Ranks and Titles entry.  However, there are some important differences.  

    The Thane and the Dukes:
    Officially, Xaramon is ruled by a Thane.  However, it is not a hereditary position.  Instead, every few years (actual time to be decided), the Dukes elect one of themselves to become the Thane.  Thus, in practice, the province is collectively ruled by the Dukes, since a Thane would risk losing their position at the next election of they go against the wishes of too many of the Dukes.  It also means that the Dukes have a relatively great amount of autonomy.  

    The Thane usually lives in the provincial capital, Ximax, and the other Dukes also maintain residences there, although they don't necessarily spend much time there.  The Dukes, or their representatives, gather in Ximax at regular intervals (actual time to be decided) to discuss provincial issues with the Thane.  

    The situation might have come about because, when the Santharian hierarchy was implemented in Xaramon, there was no noble in the province who clearly outranked the others and would thus be the obvious choice for becoming the Thane.  The Anactar/King of Centorauria had become part of the political system in Vardynn (as far as I can tell), and the former royal family of Kyrania was overthrown when Kyrania joined Tharania (482 b.S.) and might no longer exist at this point (most likely some time after 1480 a.S.), and in any case wasn't well-liked.  The electoral system (perhaps inspired by how the Santhrans were chosen?) solves that problem.  Ximax would then be the natural choice for the provincial capital, since it was not part of any Duke's territory, and thus was a sort of 'neutral territory'.  The fact that Ximax assisted the current royal dynasty while they were trying to regain the throne (check Ximax's history regarding Grothunc) might also play a role in this.  A more definite answer will have to wait until there is more information regarding the formation of the province is needed.      

    Other Races:
    The three main nonhuman tribes in Xaramon are the Sanhorrhim Elves, the Thrumgolz Dwarves, and the Zirghurim Dwarves.  The Thrumgolz occupy the Lower Fores, but do not officially claim any surface territory.  The Sanhorrhim occupy the Vontron forest, while the Zirghurim occupy several of the Zirkumire mountains.  They are not technically subjects of the Thane, but do sometimes take part in discussions regarding provincial issues, especially those that might affect them.  

    Ximax's Role:
    Ximax is the provincial capital, and also controls most of the Cha'domm peninsula.  It is considered a direct vassal of the Thane (cf. the Holy Roman Empire's Free Imperial Cities).  Given the political structure of Xaramon, this gives it almost as much autonomy as the Duchies, as long as the Dukes are not sufficiently united about anything that would reduce or end this autonomy.  

    Ximax was historically quite autonomous, and had several periods of independence, the latest ending only in 1480 a.S. and lasting over 600 years.  It is therefore quite concerned with preserving its present autonomy and constantly keeps an eye on what the Dukes are doing, and does what it can to keep the Dukes disunited.  It probably had a hand in the creation of the present political structure.  

    Officially, Ximax probably doesn't have any say in the provincial government; it just happens to be where the government is located.  However, due to this, and because it provides a lot of the bureaucracy, it does have some unofficial influence over the government.  Mostly, it just uses this influence to help preserve its autonomy and well-being, and isn't otherwise that interested in affecting what goes on in the rest of the province.  

    That area marked in green that doesn't have a name yet:

    This is a group of baronies which are direct vassals of the Thane.  Each is centered around a fort, and together they were originally meant to guard the path linking Ximax to Horth, and from there to the rest of Centorauria, and continue to perform a similar role today.  Ximaxian influence probably has something to do with them not being put under the control of a single Duke or Graven.  
    (Thinking of making this something that only existed historically and didn't survive to the present)

    A note on titles:
    Most of the nobility are Centoraurian in origin, though there are some Kyranian ones too, especially in Gilden.  In addition to the Santharian titles, they might also have some traditional tribal titles, eg. 'Ptoliarch' for Centoraurian Dukes.  

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    « Reply #4 on: 28 December 2007, 18:37:38 »

    People and Tribes

    Quote from: Artimidor
    The People section contains all kinds of things related to people in this region, be it something related to the tribe as a whole or single celebrities, historical key characters etc.


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    « Reply #5 on: 28 December 2007, 18:40:33 »


    Quote from: Artimidor
    History comprises all kinds of major events that lead to what we have in the region now, that provide background. Background can mean sketching timelines (as flexible as they still might be at first) for tribe development, defining timespans of regents, but providing background can also mean writing detailed entries on key events. Both, the rough timelines and elaboration of the key events are of the uttermost importance.


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    « Reply #6 on: 28 December 2007, 18:43:35 »

    Recent Situation

    Quote from: Artimidor
    In this section we should try to accumulate all kinds of entries that help to contribute to what this region represents today. This section should help so that one can easily look up territory borders, division of the land in duchies, fiefs etc., important contemporary people and recent developments worth of note like inventions, introductions of laws, recently fought wars or politicial disputes - you get the picture.


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    « Reply #7 on: 28 December 2007, 18:45:43 »

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