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Author Topic: Development Schedule ~ Eléyr  (Read 1923 times)
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Eléyr Fásamár
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« on: 26 March 2008, 08:23:40 »

Areas of Interest
Magic~ (Fire & Wind)
Nybelmar~ (Eastern Half)

Works Ready for Comments

Works in Progress
None - I'm lazy :(

Things to Do
Bestiary~ Dreameater (Mari's Moth)
Religion~ Cult of Moth
Religion~ Cult of Dreams
Religion~ Clerics of Mari
(More Murmillion-related projects can be seen on the outline below; these are simply the ones I intend to do first)

Magic~ Wind Necromancy Spells (Whenever I have time)

Integrated Works so Far
Beastiary~ Dove
Herbarium~ Trinity
People~ Leifloff Sjungnarr (Gorranth Lanther)
Magic~ Precarious Plummet
Religion~ Cult of Fire
Magic~ Afterlife Amnesia
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~Maladies of the Mind are best soothed by those who suffer similar Afflictions~
Eléyr Fásamár
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« Reply #1 on: 03 July 2008, 00:40:25 »

This will be used as a space for Murmillion notes, for my own organization... When I get to it.

Ehebion Peninsula

Mountain Ranges- Complete
Oberion Thaleseth/Moon Hills~ Marks the Border between the Murmillions and Aca-Santerra (Runs along the southwestern portion of the peninsula, extending out a ways

Burning Mountains/ Eferan'yphero~ Runs along the eastern coast of the peninsula, extending fully from north to south. Mountains in the southeastern part are indeed active volcanoes. The tallest mountain in the range, Mt. Memflaynna, looms to the Northeast of Flaynna

Cities/Settlements~ Complete with all cities listed below
Dasans~ Only entrance to the Peninsula in the South, Capital city, controls the bridges of Silence and Mists, Inhabited by the Arkhaeon's Guild and many Royal officials, most citizens are of elite rank, All cults have their buildings in this city,

Flaynna~ City of the Cult of Fire, In a valley below Mt. Memflaynna, Source of gemstones and ores,

Daekas~ City of Menemronn's Resurection, Defends Northern border, renowned for wineries, in the midst of the Silver Forest

Khildas~ Small Settlement of the Cult of Moth a little ways away from Dassans, in the middle of the woods

The Lost City of Lhoras~ City of Cult of Dreams, no longer welcomes many visitors from other cults, clerics of immense power reside here, most knowledgeable regarding matters of Shadowcasting principles, reclusive/secluded

"Fallen" Lhindal~ Although once a major settlement in the Oberion Thaeleseth, Lhindal has fallen under Santerran rule, and the Cult of Santerran Mari which inhabits the city is forbidden to attend meetings of the Council of Cults. They are entirely shunned by the king and all other Murmillions.

Other Formations
The Savage Woods~ (Coniferous) covers the main land mass to the west of the Burning Mountains

The Silver Woods~ (Coniferous) Contains glowing trees, has a north-south seperation from the Savage Woods running up from the point at which the Burning Mountains fade into the Moon Hills

Murmillions~ (Subsects listed below)

Shadowcating~ Unanimous - Complete
(With Cult [see below] variations)

Arkhaeon's Guild ~ 'Leaders' of all Cults - Complete
Cult of Fire ~ Connected to Volcaones - Complete
Cult of Dreams ~ Connected to Clerics - TBC
Cult of Moth ~ Connected to Moth and Mushrooms - TBC
Cult of the Inner Vision ~ ??? - TBC
Cult of the Nightshades ~ ??? - TBC
Ressurection of Menemronn ~ Connected to Wine/Grapes - TBC

Clerics of Mari ~ Connected to Glyphs- TBC

Bioluminescent Fungus ~ Illuminates Cults' Caverns - TBC
Glowing Trees (Needs Name) ~ For the silver forest - TBC
Wine Fruit (Needs Name) ~ Vivid Dream Effect (Men. Res.) - TBC
Nightshade ~ Poisonous Herb? - TBC

Warg ~ Adulthood Ceremony & Fine Cuisine - Complete
Kaal Bloodhound ~ Used to Hunt Wargs - Complete
Dreameater (Mari's Moth) ~ Heavy Lore - TBC

Menemronn ~ Ruled Ehebion during war of the chosen, his descendants created the Shadow Realm, and revived it multiple times - Complete
King Theodunn ~ Prophesized the fall of the Shadow - Complete
Teor Kunran ~ Founder of Arkhaeon Guild - TBC
Pheronn Kunran ~ Founder of the Cult of Fire - TBC
??? ~ Current King - TBC

Ruled by King
All Cults are 'sponsored' by a noble family
All Cult's Kunrans meet at Council of Cults, where they decide doctrines, etc.
Arkhaeon's Guild moderates over meetings of the council, and keeps the records
The Council of Cults is in charge of appointing the king
The king has absolute power once put on the throne, until his death
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~Maladies of the Mind are best soothed by those who suffer similar Afflictions~
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