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Author Topic: The Legendary Dragon Overview (WIP)  (Read 2454 times)
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« on: 29 December 2009, 14:18:18 »

I am going to create an overview for each of the categories, so the Dragons/Drakes/Nethers/Dracoids can be listed within it for a small description/overview of each one. In other words, putting the categorisation I did, to work!

It is written in ancient passages and spoken of in legends, that there are Dragons of unimaginable power and knowledge, believed to have moulded and shaped the culture of their kin. Their deeds of good or evil are renowned throughout the races, yet the truth of their existence has been lost to the passing of time. Almost every mention of them portrays magic, wisdom, knowledge, and superiority over their kind, though this may not necessarily be true for all.

Following is a list of all the Legendary Dragons known in the lands of Caelereth, sorted alphabetically:

A massive creature which is believed to have the ability to travel between realms, being able to jump from one world to the next in but a blink of time. Black from snout to tail tip, the scales of the Abyssal Dragon give off a metallic sheen in their younger years, slowly fading to a flat grey as the centuries pass. Their dark and empty eyes will be one of the last things you see when they vanish, leaving an uneasiness behind with a look which has seen more than the gods and goddess' themselves. Strangely, this dragon lacks a mouth, making it only speculation on how it feeds and what it feeds upon. The Sun and the Astral Dragon, its female counterpart, are its only known weaknesses. The Sun will dissolve this creature from existence, and the Astral Dragon has the means to chase it through the worlds. It has been said, the owner of simply one scale is given the same ability to travel between realms as the dragon itself, but no scales have ever been found to prove such a claim.

The Adamant Dragons are extremely rare but powerful mythical dragons, who are said to have a gem (an adamant) anchored in their foreheads, endowing them with nearly god-like powers. One of the most renknown Adamant Dragons is undoubtedly Ol'dem'brey, who is said to have been defeated by the young girl Katya Ileri Dain following the Vardýnnian Atonement. Kayta later on became Erpheronian queen Katya the Just for her incomparable courage to confront the supposedly invincible dragon. Kal'itar is the lone remaining Adamant believed to be still roaming Caelereth, yet her survival hasn't been proven, nor has any sign of her passing been uncovered.

Being the female counterpart of the Abyssal Dragon, there are many similarities and differences between the two. The Astral Dragon's scales never fade from the night they behold. Instead, she gradually loses touch with her corporeal form, becoming transparent so the skies can be seen through her. Eyes are as bright as two separate universes being held within herself, sparkling like the heavens. Much like that of the Abyssal, the Astral has the ability to travel between worlds, vanishing without any trace in either one. The sun is also an adversary, and will destroy her upon any contact. Even the varying strengths of the moon's glow can be fatal to this great creature.

The Aurora Dragon is black with lights that ripple through its skin, indicating at the powerful magic that it commands. The lights can indicate the Dragon’s moods, but Aurora Dragons may also use them to deceive. This Dragon lives mainly in the clouds, and has the ability to hover or to move without using physical means of propulsion. Its magic is slightly less powerful than the Adamant Dragon's.

The Shatí'eliás (Butterfly Dragon) iis believed to be the smallest dragon in Caelereth, having a wingspan of about fifteen nailsbreadths and a body twenty-five nailsbreadths long when they allow themselves to be seen. Yet, despite their minute size, they are considered to be one of the most powerful dragons to have existed. These creatures, having a range of both healing and destructive abilities, are unpredictable and seem to know more than one may believe they do. The Shatí'eliás make their home in the Thaelon Forest with the Astyrhim and are said to have close relations with these mystical elves. People have even said these creatures are the Elves, simply in yet another form they can transform into.

The Dawn Dragon comes out in the day just after sunrise. It has a grayish cast with light blue streaks starting at its eyes and continuing down its body to the tip of its tail. However, in contrast to the rest of the Dragon, its eyes are a vibrant yellow. It cannot cast any magic.


The Dusk Dragon has the same basic coloring as the Dawn Dragon, but the streaks are purple, and its eyes are coal black. It is basically the nocturnal version of the Dawn Dragon, and also possesses no magic.

The Emerald Sea Dragon, after the Adamant Dragon, is one of the three most powerful dragons. It has the appearance of a normal Dragon, with the exception of being sleeker and having webbed feet. It has a blue-green color that is brilliant especially in the sunlight and has a strange refractive property. This factor has led to its name. The Emerald Sea Dragon lives underwater and sleeps on the bottom of whatever waterway it currently inhabits. This Dragon wields magic as potent as the Adamant Dragons, possibly even slightly more powerful.

~:~ Colour - Can change at will
~:~ Length - 30peds
~:~ Breath Attack - Fire
~:~ Magic - Light Manipulation
~:~Territory -
~:~ Skills - Changing its colour at will.

Cyhalloian legends speak of a giant, serpent-like beast of the dark pits in barren and reclusive lands, around 30 peds long and with dragon-like forelegs, pairs of lesser hind legs and a terrible head with a leering, fang-filled mouth and cold, hypnotic eyes - the Lindorm. The Lindorm uses a powerful hypnotic ability to lure its victims; both to ease the hunt for the beast and also making the enslaved thrall carry out the wicked-hearted creature's bidding. Unseen by most as its skin adapts to the environment like the shapeshifter, it always attacks with surprise; striking fear in its foes. It is said to be unnaturally intelligent and even sentient-like and uses its power for dark purposes, but this is yet to be confirmed.

Comes out when the moon is out and usually hunts during the new moon. They go all the rest of the time without eating. Lunar Dragons are great scholars and possess powerful magic.

Another one of the three most powerful Dragons after the Adamant. Like the Emerald Sea Dragon, the Opal Dragon has a strange property to its skin, but instead of being green and refractive, it has a milky white skin that has traces of red, green, and blue drifting in it. It lives on land and rests underground in a burrow or cave. It has also powerful magic comparable to the Adamant Dragons.

~:~ Colour - Silvery Gold
~:~ Length - 37peds
~:~ Breath Attack - Ice
~:~ Magic - Music/Spellsong
~:~Territory - Dragon's Maw
~:~ Skills -

Ancient texts and tablets, dusty scrolls from long ago, tell of a dragon incomparable to any known today. The echo of their song has fallen out of the memory of those souls today that wander without so great a love and respect of music, of mystical vibrations that course through the earth, through the vast empyrean. Those sounds are but whispers telling secrets to those who have a spirit that resonates from their area, resonates from the song of the Resonance Dragon.

Shadow Dragons are among the largest forms of dragonkind and are very powerful. Their magic is almost as strong as that of the Adamant Dragon. Shadow Dragons are able to hover in the air or move without using their wings. But their most unique trait is the fact that they are able to appear as shadows, and this is where their name comes from. They are also able to turn completely invisible, or go into a solid state in which they are completely black. The Shadow dragon can allow people to pass through it or not at will, but they will feel an odd sensation.
~:~ Colour -
~:~ Length -
~:~ Breath Attack -
~:~ Magic -  
~:~Territory -
~:~ Skills -

Shapechanger Dragons are perhaps the most rare of all existing dragons, probably there only exists a handful on the whole plane of Caelereth. These dragons possess the powerful ability to change into the shape of any living form they desire. They are not fire-breathing. Instead they are powerful spell casters said to almost be as strong as the most powerful of the dragons, the Adamant Dragons. If they do journey out into the world it is normally to attain treasure and wisdom or to observe the other races. These dragons prefer to stay away from other dragons, to include their own kind, while in dragon form. They are estimated to have a lifespan of 10 to 11 thousand years, although some of them live much longer and others considerably shorter. Most of these dragons have probably existed since the beginning of time and are considered "immortals". Because of the fact that mating between Shapechangers is very rare (at least this is what is told in the ancient tomes of the Northlanders) the species shrinks more and more. It is supposed that there are only a few dozen left in the whole world. In fact, their very existence is doubted by many people even though there exist reports which seem to prove their existence.

Comes out in the daytime. During solar eclipses, the Dragon tends to watch the sun disappear and fly around its home until it returns. Usually a warrior. Has powerful magic.

The Spirit Dragon in its spiritual form appears as a small orb of light and energy just before it manifests into this form and just before it returns to the soul of the person it inhabits. Spirit Dragons do not have any real territory. They live in the spirit of a person, where they obtain the necessary energy to live. When a person dies they move to a new spirit. In their manifested form Spirit Dragons appear as large dragons with brilliant blue scales.


The Sunset Dragon or Lastflame Dragon is closely related to the now extinct Injèrá Dragon. Like the Injèrá  Dragon, it draws strength from the sun, shares the Injèrá  Dragon’s vibrant gold and red colourings, and is one of the very few dragons that give birth to live young. Unlike the Injèrá  Dragon, it does not depend solely on the sun for its strength, but does require the light of the sun for the ability to blow fire and use its wind magic. It also lacks the distinctive unicorn-like horn that the Injèrá Dragon bore, and has streaks of purple throughout its colouring. The Sunset Dragon's name is derived from its colouring, and that it prefers to play its unique pipe music in the evening hours near sunset.
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Insanity is only a perception made by those who have yet to attain its greatness. While those of us who have already stepped inside its bounds find bliss in our utter madness.
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Kalína Dalá'isyrás
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« Reply #1 on: 25 May 2011, 08:38:58 »

Okay, bumping this for easier access.

Don't mind me. evil

Insanity is only a perception made by those who have yet to attain its greatness. While those of us who have already stepped inside its bounds find bliss in our utter madness.
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