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Author Topic: The Desert Trag  (Read 14077 times)
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M´ruk Loshashzuck
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« on: 01 June 2010, 23:33:08 »

Basic Overview of the Beast
It is considered to be pretty rare; it is found mainly in semi-arid areas. It is medium sized (two and a half handspans in height, four handspans long and two and a half ods weight). Because of the hot climate its fur is shorter than other species’. Fur’s color is light brown with spots of yellow all over its back and with lighter (almost white) area on the belly size. Because of their hard life and an abundance of large quantities of food they are very aggressive and will often attack anyone around them if they feel that they are threaten by them. They are known for their frequent use of electricity in form of electric bolts or other powerful charges for no apparent reason. They are very territorial and solitary animals that come together just to mate.

A detailed description of what the beast looks like. Everything from size, in peds, to bone structure. I stress the 'detailed' part, put in as much detail as possible. This doesn't mean make it as long as possible, go for quality over quantity.

If you need measures and weights in order to describe your beast, please refer to the general Measures and Weight tables.

   Special Abilities
Do these creatures have any sort of special abilities? Able to withstand extreme cold, run very fast, things like that. And if they do, then how do they do this? A specific muscle structure, or extra fat layer?

Where are they found? Check out the map section, do some research on the differen't places, and make the best choice on what you find. A creature with thick fur? Probably somewhere cold. That type of thing.
If you were to see these creatures, what kinds of things would they be doing? Challenging the pack leader for control, or wandering by itself? Get into as much detail as you can.

What do your creatures eat? And if they eat a lot, what is their favorite food? Also make sure that what they eat can be found where they live, otherwise it just isn't practical        

What are their mating behaviors or rituals? Do they mate at all? Is there maybe some sort of dance? Which gender is the aggressor usually? Again, detail.

   Myth/Lore/Origin (Optional)
Do they come from anywhere special? Applicable e.g. at supernatural creatures like demons, ghosts, spirits etc.

   Researchers (Optional)
Any noted researchers on these creatures?

   Usages (Optional)
In case products or parts of this animal (like milk, hide etc.) have a special use, let us know who uses them, where and why.

   Anything Else (Optional)
Can you think of any details to make this even better?

M´ruk Loshashzuck
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« Reply #1 on: 26 June 2010, 15:54:21 »

Just a little note to let people know I haven't abandoned this and I am working on it wakeup hammer

Jonael Tomeskrift

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« Reply #2 on: 14 May 2011, 21:26:40 »

Just wanted to know whether M'ruk will continue on this one or whether I can open it up for grabs again?

Shabakuk Zeborius Anfang
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« Reply #3 on: 14 May 2011, 21:36:15 »

M'ruk hasn't posted in nine months, but his account information tells me that he logged in about six weeks ago. I'm hoping he'll return, for he had good ideas,  collaborated well, and was fun to have around. Maybe send him a PM?

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