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Author Topic: Luneweep Stone  (Read 40 times)
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« on: 23 November 2015, 11:37:32 »

Luneweep Stone
A.K.A. Luneweep Agate


This luminescent agate can most commonly be found in the form of teardrop shaped stalagmites and rocks throughout the caves and mountaintops of Cyhalloi. While usually milky yellows, soft ambers and pale golds in color, the stone shimmers with undertones of other hues. It has a particularly smooth texture compared to other rocks, so smooth that they are almost velvety to the touch. Even when the Luneweep stone is smashed into jagged pieces, the edges and corners are still soft. Generally, this stone tends to be anywhere from (1 to 2 feet) long, while the stalagmites range from (2 to 4 feet) tall.

The glow of this stone is a peculiar one, to say the least. No matter the size, it immits a surprising amount of light, yet there always seems to be a shadow inside of the glow. Regardless of how much is shaved away from the stone or if it is broken in half, it is seemingly impossible to reach the dark spot inside. It's almost as if the stone had light all around it, without actually glowing itself. It is a difficult phenomena to describe accurately. Even when pulverized, the sand made from the Luneweep still has that curious shadow inside of it's glow.

Kruu-an's Soul Stone
Kruu-an's Soul Stone is a Luneweep stone that is, simply put, gigantic. Found in an underground glen, it stands at (30ft) in height, while the base is (15ft) in diameter at its widest point. This huge stalagmite glows a dusky pink, with a rainbow of dark and light colors shimmering and swirling together as it undulates around the shadow inside of it. The Kasumarii priestesses that tend to the glen insist that the shadow inside is Kruu-an herself, saying that it very obviously looks like the silhouette of a woman. Scattered all around the foot of it are smaller Luneweep stone stalagmites of every imaginable color, all ranging between (2 & 5ft) in height.

the Moon Agate
At the highest points of Dying Ice Ridge are countless clusters of Luneweep stone stalagmites, varying in shade but all of which are the same silvery hue that is so reminiscent of the moon. Their light swirls with pale blues and ghostly greens, occasionally with streaks of pink or red in it. It has been most accurately described as an aurora borealis. These are the most treacherous stones to reach, as the valley before and the entire mountain range are badlands with false footing and hidden, deadly crags. But it is this specific Luneweep that the Kasumarii use in the forging process of their famed MoonBlades to add its signature glow, as it is part of the trials to earn one of these deadly blades to climb Dying Ice Ridge to procure a stone to use in the creation of their blade. However, with a little bit of luck, small stones can be found in the snowy valley leading up to the mountains.

Wolfsbane Luneweep
This type of Luneweep stone tends to be much duskier shades of gold and beige, and have pale bronze or silver swirls dancing through them.

This beautiful stone can be found throughout almost the entirety of the continent of Cyhalloi, but it tends to be most heavily found deep in caves and high upon mountain tops. Only atop the Dying Ice Ridge mountains can one find the particular shade of the Luneweep stone that the Kasumarii use exclusively in their Moonblades to give the weapon its eerie glow. However, Qu'prur's Necklace and Deity's Isle both seem to be strangely vacant of this stone.

The Kasumarii-men make great use of the Luneweep stone in many different ways. They often use the stone as a means of lighting up their tents at night, carrying with them should they live on the move in a carryhome. However, they keep the stone wrapped in a cloth and tucked away in a leather pouch when they are not using it, as having a glowing beacon on them as they make their way through the cover of darkness isn't particularly stealthy.

In the Citadel of Korenjah, larger Luneweep stones have been placed throughout the city. Beautiful, ornate stands are made to hold the stones and one is on each corner. Many stones have even been transportated to Ludor Port to light up the city.

The most famed used of the Luneweep stone is in the forging process of the Kasumarii-Men's feared MoonBlade. However, the specific stone that they use for this purpose is called Moon Agate, and is particularly dangerous to procure because of its location atop Dying Ice Ridge.

Used as candles and means of lighting up rooms.
Pulverized into sand, the Kasumarii fill deep grooves etched into floor stone and fill with the pulverized Luneweep stone to achieve vast intricate designs that span the floors of the Citadel in Kasumar's Peak.
Smashed into what could be regarded as "ugly" shards and chunks, the wrapped with black wire for jewelry?
Largest Luneweep stone ever found sits the form of a gigantic stalagmite that stands at least 5 peds. Around this particular stone, which seemingly never sits still as it swirls and simmers with moonlite as you look upon it, the Kasumarii tribe have built a temple to their goddess, Kruu-an.

It is said that Kruu-an and the Moon have a love affair. When Kruu-an turned away the Sun God's advances, he burned her in a rage to teach her a lesson. So badly he wounded her, she was near death. Seeing this, the Moon wept healing tears that fell to the Earth. However, the Sun God noticed this action and tried to stop the tears. But the Moon's magic was too strong for the Sun God and he only succeeded in petrifying the tears upon impact, causing the effect to be muted and take longer to fully heal Kruu-an. Determined to save his love, the Moon came down from the sky to heal Kruu-an. He found her laying limp and wounded in a hidden glen. He held her body and wept his healing tears, but to his dismay the tears petrified her and grew into a huge teardrop shaped stalagmite. As he wept bitterly at this development, the tears falling from his eyes petrified upon the ground all around her giant stone. And it is here that the Moon goes when it is not in the sky, to tend the glen where his love is encased in stone.
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« Reply #1 on: 23 November 2015, 22:21:42 »

I know this is still a work in progress, but I just wanted to say that I love the name Luneweep.

It's so wonderfully poetic, and really brings to mind a teardrop from the moon itself.

Again, clever idea.


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