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Author Topic: Armelite  (Read 100 times)
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Felsid Greytunnel
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« on: 11 August 2016, 04:30:56 »

A common grey type of stone, unique in that it is fed upon by Blazebushel Moss.

Armelite is a fairly common grey stone that can be found beneath much of Sarvonia. It is a noticeably soft stone, easily falling away beneath a sharp pick. Variations in colour are common, ranging from a pale grey to a sandy-hued yellow, sometimes also with hard crystalline flecks of black as well. Some property within the stone makes it edible to the insidious Blazebushel Moss that grows exclusively beneath the Low Fores.

Typically, Armelite appears in thin horizontal or angled veins of around two palmspans width, and up to a ped in width in larger deposits. The stone has soft integrity and is very easily mined, although it has very few industrial properties and thus few real uses. The colour of the stone is rarely contrasted against whichever deeper sediment it's found in, and so it is often left untouched as simply a feature a cavern wall. In fact, to most who chance across a vein of Armelite inside a cave, they barely even recognise it. To the dwarves that run across every so often, it is mostly ignored.

Armelite that had at some point borne Blazebushel Mossl is often cracked, pockmarked and choppy in appearance, and a thin layer on the surface will crumble easily under slight pressure where the plant has disintegrated the rock.

The stone itself has a very limited range of uses. Over the years, several scholars and interested magi have reflected on the material properties of the stone. There are alchemical uses for it involving various types of transmutation of minerals, but its a role also filled by cheaper and more common materials.
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Felsid Greytunnel
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« Reply #1 on: 11 August 2016, 04:31:24 »

Not much to write for this one, I fear. Perhaps it doesn't deserve it's own article.
Felsid Greytunnel
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« Reply #2 on: 06 September 2016, 00:49:56 »

Pretty much done, ready for prep!
Artimidor Federkiel

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« Reply #3 on: 11 September 2016, 23:17:33 »

Short note: Basically we have as standard sections of Herbarium entries Overview, Appearance, Territory and Reproduction. So if you can still add a sentence or two at Territory and Reproduction, that would make things perfect.

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