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Author Topic: Valley of the Brownies -- first, incomplete, draft  (Read 1669 times)
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« on: 15 January 2003, 11:35:00 »

A natural fortress greets your eye. Before you stretches the valley floor, with the surrounding mountains to the north, east, and west, seemingly sliced vertically just below their peaks by a giant knife. Sheer cliffs line the valley on these three sides, going from the valley floor all the way up past the treeline. To the south stretches an impenetrable tangle of poisonous vegetation. Each direction seems blocked ¨C how did you arrive here then? Behind you, a narrow crack splits the cliff face from top to bottom. A stream flowing through the valley, originating both in a waterfall and in the poisonous jungle, also finds its way out of the valley through this crack, which is a stral long and is the only easy access to the valley. Climbing over mountains and down cliffs is also possible, but much more difficult.
The Valley itself is approximately a stral wide and a stral and a half long surrounded by sheer mountain cliffs on three sides, and a tangled, impassible jungle filled with venomous creatures on the fourth side. The valley floor measures 1018 peds by 1527 peds at its widest and longest points, covering a total area of a powder and almost 4 holds, and is completely covered by an old-growth forest. The back of the valley is 15 peds higher than the front.

Four mountains surround the valley. Keekoo mountain, also known as Mount of the Chieftain is to the northwest. Hualtl Peak, also known as the Sorceress¡¯ peak is to the southwest. Life mountain, with diamond falls flowing from it, is to the northeast. Deathbringer, the highest mountain, and the source of many a deadly avalanche, is to the southeast. The dark hills, steaming hot from numerous pits and cracks in the ground, and covered with poisonous vegetation, lie in between Deathbringer and Huatl Peak.  

A stream flows the valley, fed by two tributaries. The northernmost is fed by a pool under a waterfall which comes from a spring high up on the cliff wall. The southernmost flows out of the poisonous jungle located just to the south of the valley. The stream leaves the valley through the gate.

The gate is a natural gorge a stral long, which also provides the only access into or out of the valley.
The Valley of Brownies is located in the western part of Sanguia province¡¯s Rimmers Ring, putting it to the west of New Santhala. The nearest neighbors are the Tenthrum Dwarves of Kor Donion and the Ylfferhim Elves of the Quallian forest, as the only easy access to the valley is from the west.  
The Vale of Brownies is the home of the Llaoihrr tribe of Brownies. Almost 6 holds of this is inhabited while the remaining 9 holds are used for training, hunting, and exotic farming.


A mixed hardwood old growth forest fills the Vale, with trees of all ages consisting mainly of maple, beech, ash, birch, aspen, and pine.  This forest contains approximately 16.500 trees at any one time, each of which is given an individual name by the Brownie inhabitants. The forest floor is mostly open, with downed trees and woody debris everywhere, covered by a mixture of fungi, lichens and mosses. Indentations and mounds are made by uprooted trees. And are found in various stages of erosion They may last for hundreds of years    
Treeline at 4000 feet.
Valley floor at 500 ft.

A story is told around campfires of a giant Troll who lived far to the east. One hot day, he decided to go for a swim, and so walked down to the beach, into the water, and drowned. The Valley of Brownies is said to be one of his footprints.
9.300 b.S. The Vale of Brownies is believed to have been formed in the War of the Chosen. Originally at a much higher altitude, what is now the floor of the valley collapsed or was forced to its present level. What would later be called filled the valley, making it into a low lake, with a swamp to the south in and around the dark hills.
9.023 b.S. An earthquake rocks the valley as a direct result of the faraway battle of the eight winds. Many pits and cracks open in the Dark Hills, releasing sulpherous steam and contaminating the lake and killing its life. A gorge, The Gate, is also split open in the western wall of the valley, allowing the water of the lake to drain.
9.020 b.S. Lichen forms on exposed rocks within the valley, the first life to be found since the earthquake. Moss begins to appear by the streams and pools. A few insects and small animals begin to make the valley their home.
9.017 b.S. Grasses and Trifoil begin to take over as the dominant plants. More insects and small animals arrive.
9.005 b.S. Large herbs begin to dominate. Earthworms and bees make their debut. Birds of Prey begin to nest on the cliff faces to take advantage of the small animal population boom.
8.989 b.S. Shrubs take over from the herbs. Many were berry plants.
8.969 b.S. Birch, aspen, willow, and other smaller trees begin to be found.
8.919 b.S.  Ash, beech, maple, pine, and other mid-sized trees begin to take over from the smaller trees.
8.839 b.S. The climax community of maple, beech, ash, birch, aspen, and pine stabilizes. The forest in the Valley of Brownies has taken on its final character.
3.638 b.S. Discovery of the Vale by Llaoihrr

Brownie Expert

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