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About the Santharian Development Board
Santharian Development
Greetings friend and a hearty welcome to the Development Board of the Santharian Dream!

This is the place where you can discuss everything concerning Santharian fantasy world development or the site in general - feel free to post here whatever you like as a visitor: constructive criticism, wishes, proposals, ideas, interesting links... Just let the Santharians know what's on your mind! Of course it is also encouraged to become part of the project itself and write new descriptions for places, people, plants, beasts, or whatever you can think of and makes sense in the greater context. We'd be happy to welcome you as part of the team! In order to get started make sure to read more details in the "Help I'm a Newbie!" menu part, which you can find at the right side of the Forum.

By the way, just to give you a start with navigating through the Forum: The menus to the left and right can be hidden or shown by clicking on the claw graphics on top of the Forum (the left claw deals with the left menu, the right claw operates the right one). The left menu contains templates and a lot of stuff you need for development in general, while the right menu has everything for starters, helps you find stuff and gives you an overview on recent posts.

Here's a short overview on what awaits you when you look through the Newbie threads:

TPdivider2 About this Board
This link brings you back here, to the page you'reading now. This page is the anchor point to all newbie related stuff. If you're lost, return here by clicking on "About this Board" on the right side menu or by clicking the "I'm New!" button on top of the Forum.

TPdivider2 Dev Introduction
The Development Introduction page handles FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), explains the most basic things about Santharian development and shows you how you can get into our world building project if you wish to join our endeavour. You'll learn here what's the Compendium, what is an Entry, when you are considered a Member, what the term Mentor means, and so on. - Click here to check it out!

TPdivider2 Developer's 1x1
Contained in this Forum are instructions on how to use the Forum, seen from the developer's side, so that entries are posted and commented on correctly. Learn how to use the development icons, find guidelines on how to write entries, get ideas where to start your first contributions and look through a list of experts in the various development areas to help you with creating for Santharia. - Read more here!

TPdivider2 Technical Forum Stuff
This thread harbours all kind of technical questions you might have concerning how to handle posting here at the Forum: You'll learn where to register, add a portrait and signature, post pictures, avoid problems and get notified at whenever you require instant updates on a topic. - Read more here!

TPdivider2 Advanced Forum Help
This links to the main help page of the SMF Forums we use here in Santharia. While most of the things how you should operate the Forum are quite evident and can be learned fast by simply looking at the post options, there are always questions for advanced users on how to accomplish this and that feat. If you want to know more in this respect, check out this page. - Click here to go there now!

TPdivider2 Testing Thread
Want to check if your Forum portrait shows up? If your signature is working? Want to check how to use BBC Codes and HTML here on the Forum? - Note: Only very basic HTML is allowed, and signatures need to be in Bulletin Board Code (BBC), which is the kind of syntax this message board generates when pressing the buttons above, e.g. to show a picture. - Go to this thread via this link.

TPdivider2 Where's the Game?
If you're looking for "the game" in the Development Board then you're definitely on the wrong Forum and haven't read things properly on the main Web History page. Don't ask questions about the game on the development board. Santharian Play-by-Post RPGs can be played on the RPG Board. If you have further questions about the game, please ask there. Thank you.

Okeydokey, that should give you enough insights on what Santharian development means and how you can find your way around here... - So what are you waiting for? Have a look around! If you still got questions, try posting in the Newbie Forum and we'll gladly help you!

-- Artimidor (Santharian Webmaster & Dev Admin)
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Last 10 Shouts:
Today at 09:46:26
Alt, this one was luck.  Next time, wisdom (yours) shall surely prevail. :)
Today at 00:59:03

I write ONE plant, and it starts a debate.

*steers clear of the herbarium*
Yesterday at 21:59:27
Uhm.. let me rephrase... as a minute spice, yes.. as for something marinating in it (which was the original thought) then no....  but, I reread the entry, and maybe it isn't all that far fetched.. so I shall concede this time... but next time Kelancey the Green... Next Time!! :)
Yesterday at 21:21:42
Yesterday at 20:46:06
Alt, you ever eaten food prepared with habanero peppers?
Yesterday at 20:44:02
it.. unless for some ceremonial dish, perhaps... a whole family intending to dine are not all going to want to be feverish all that night/next day... just MHO of course.  :)
Yesterday at 20:42:16
But..in this context.. of marinating a food in a substance that would cause fevers in those who ate it... I'm not against using using Hrugchuk juice in edible ways, if in minute ways for specific reason (like the kicker in some vile alcahols)... but that would be using drops and not soaking food in
Yesterday at 16:30:37
Of course sometimes fevers are kinda, ...well miserable. (I don't know if beingin a freezing lanscape would help however)
Yesterday at 16:19:26
Except fevers are not harmful in and of themselves.  In fact, they are not causes of illness but symptoms, indicating that your body is fighting off an infection.  They do not even need to be treated unless they rise to dangerous levels which could cause convulsions in young children...
Yesterday at 10:57:12
Well.. i consider anything in which injested naturally to be a type of poison if it causes bodily harm, such as fevers (and death if you already have a fever)... I did not say it was a deadly poison... so, somantics
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