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Title: I'll do something
Post by: Roguehammer on 04 November 2003, 12:08:00
I notice you don't have much in the way of water creatures. I would like to start with a sahagin or mermaid, if that's all right with everybody. Is it? Or maybe something else, like a griffin, or a harpiei. Think about it, I guess.  

Title: Re: I'll do something
Post by: Thuja on 05 November 2003, 15:55:00
We have a mermaid type creature.  I think you should spend a little time brousing around the site and reading a few things.  That will help you get am idea what we want and what is needed.

We don't want creatures, animals and other things just because they are mentioned in other books and writings.  We try to be as original as possible.  

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Title: Re: I'll do something
Post by: Kendo Gyoshin on 05 November 2003, 20:34:00
Well the problem is that with all the ideas out there, no matter how original one tries to be, there's usually something out there just like it.  I must also get this out: I used to be here constantly a long time ago, and when I first started coming to Santharia, I had to read up on a lot.  There have been SO many new additions since I've been here last, that I don't even know where to begin in terms of reading up on things.  I'll admit I was almost discouraged to starting up in the beginning by the sheer amount of studying I had to do.

Now please don't take me wrong, this is a great site.  Buuuutttt... I would let the members take their time with the studying and reading through the site.  If they make a mistake, gently and politely correct them as if they are your best friend.  That's what'll keep them here.  Again, nothing that I'm saying you're doing wrong, but I'd ease up just a tad bit, Thuja.

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Title: Re: I'll do something
Post by: Roguehammer on 05 November 2003, 22:44:00
Okay whatever works, right. Original, original, original.

By the way, Kendo's kinda right. For your information, I did do some studying, but, this really would be the most boring place in the world if I had to study forever and ever before I could actually do anyhting. Like school.

About the mermaid, it was just me dropping a hint. I simply didn't see its name there under water creatures.

Studying i this site is kind of hard, becuse they've got all these names and facts and little references to other parts of the site, and it is often very confusing. Now, don't get me wrong, but learning the parts of a Havach Ox or a Ae----------- bird must be done in increments for fear of loss of memory or atrophication of brain. There are so many.

As for griffin, the old Chinese one is in a sense original, because there is almost nothing in their mythology about them, which leaves a lot of gaps to create the bridges for, and, for another thing, there is a vast misconception about griffins today. Under this reasoning I think griffin would be a great addition to Santharia. However, it isn't only my idea, so I'll wait to see what everybody else thinks before I begin.

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Title: Re: I'll do something
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 06 November 2003, 02:08:00
a) Please fix your pic or deactiveate it, Roguehammer! Doesn't look very nice this way.

b) That's exactly what Thuja meant: We have mermaids already (Races section), you'll see that we have Gryph and Gryphon as well (Bestiary) if you do a little research. If you're unsure if things exist already, use the search function on the site (Magnifying Glass on top of the menu);)  

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Title: Re: I'll do something
Post by: Brother Shine on 25 November 2003, 10:52:00
oops, darn stop buttons not working mutter.

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Title: Re: I'll do something
Post by: Brother Shine on 25 November 2003, 11:52:00
If you can get hold of an old Ars Magic bestiary, that's a fairly good place for getting the style of what's needed, in the sense of medieval descriptions of fantasy creatures.

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