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Title: Magic List
Post by: Xarl on 21 September 2001, 20:23:00
Yes, I know it's an ambitious project, but I plan to list a fair quantity of spells in here. Others are welcome to place spells here, but of course Artimidor, Drogo, and those others in charge can veto any and everything here. Anyway, some tentative guidelines. You have to have a description of the spell & what it does. How powerful it is, the length of its range & duration are also (preferably) included. Also, the spell's class. Classes: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Mental, Metal, and Meta. Subclasses: Support, Summon, Attack.

Example: Meta Support Spell: Null Magic. In a about 60 foot radius from the caster, all spell activity is canceled until the caster halts the spell or is disrupted. (Alternativeley, a caster can null a specific spell for much less of a toll on their bodies.) After a normal cast, the caster cannot cast again for a full day.

Also: Mental Attack Spell: Mindlash. At a range of about 30 feet, the caster can deal a powerful psychic blow to an enemy, rendering them incapable of action for a good 15-40 seconds. This spell can be cast about eight times in one day.

Last: All-Elemental Summon Spell: Quick Golem. Forms a human-sized golem out of the surrounding elements that lacks intelligence, and obeys the caster without question. It takes 1 minute to form Should the caster actively cease the spell or pay no attention to it for 5 minutes, the golem will return to its original form.  

Title: Re: Magic List
Post by: Greybark on 21 September 2001, 21:32:00
seems to me to be more of a job for nate.....

Title: Re: Magic List
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 22 September 2001, 13:05:00
Well, I have to discuss this with Nate also, but in general we should elaborate magic spells in any case. This is long overdue. How much of it can be realized in the game is another question.

But here are some things I'd like to mention in this respect:

1.) Everything should be as unique as can be! No copies from other RPGs. We can have similar spells, but no spells taken directly from others.

2.) We need a main concept. E.g. the differences between elven and human, brownie and dwarven magic etc. Elves concentrate on elemental magic plus Xeuá magic (spirit). Humans can have different "schools" and players can perhaps expand their repertoire (we can have even more schols at humans, while Brownies stick to their seven). Elves could start with all five magics (wind, earth, water, fire, xeuá) and thus be more powerful, than humans, but humans could in the end learn more different kinds of magics e.g. If you would be willing to work out mor details on such a system (Compendium entry on human magics for example), this would surely help the Santharian cause. We should also somehow discern between a priest's and a mage's spell.

3.) Descriptions should be longer! We should describe how magics are cast as well as the effects in more detail, even if we possibly can't realize this in the game probably. We're targeting for depth in our world design.

4.) We also need a system on how to describe each spell. I propose to use a similar system like AD&D used. Each spell description would need to cover the following things:
Action (e.g. will wound target 2-24 hitpoints plus a description of a component which will affect it's success), Range, Range of Activity/Affection (hmmm... guess there's a better English word for this), Duration, Target, Chance of Escape, Description, perhaps some History on the spell etc. (maybe you have additional ideas). If we have such a scheme I guess this could be very helpful.

5.) We need to categorize spells into levels.

6.) We need LOTS of spells (>300) in the end. At least this should be our goal.

7.) We'd need symbols for spells. If you can draw such symbols we would need ideas on how they should look.

If you still like to work on Santharian magics I'd be glad to have you with us;)

BTW: I propose that you register at the Forum, Xarl (Global Account)!

Title: Re: Magic List
Post by: Xarl on 22 September 2001, 20:40:00
I'm trying not to make the spells too specific, because that way the player has a way to alter the spell. Also, I'd like to let others throw in their 2 cents. Anyhoo, another few spells, making up the climb up one side of the Energy spell tree.
Notes: Only 2 Level 7 spells can be learned per element, EVER! These are VERY powerful and can mess up a story incredibly. Only 1 Level 8 spell can ever be learned, for the same reason. There is only 1 per element, and they can only be cast once every five years, for they tax the powers of the gods themselves.

Telekinesis: Level 1 Energy Variable Spell. When cast, the caster can apply a magical force to anything within 20 feet. Child Spells: Teleport, Levitate (later)

Teleport(self): Level 2 Energy Support Spell. When cast, the caster becomes energy and can travel for 1 millisecond (1000th of a second) before regaining physical form. Child spells: Teleport(others)

Teleport(others): Level 3 Energy Variable Spell. When cast, any one thing within sight range can be sent up to 1 mile away. Child Spells: Mass Teleport

Mass Teleport: Level 4 Energy Support Spell. When cast, all designated things within a 10-foot radius are teleported as in Teleport. Child Spells: Portal, Devastation.

Portal: Level 5 Energy Variable Spell. When cast, this spell rips a hole in the fabric of reality 5 feet in front of the caster, leading to wherever the caster designates. Should the caster's concentration falter, the portal will collapse. Child Spells: Void Beast, Chronomanipulation.

Devastation: Level 5 Energy Attack Spell. When cast, everything in a 10-foot radius within the caster's sight range is teleported to the Energy Plane and back, leaving a swath of barren desolation. Child Spells: Apocalypse, Ultimate Beam

Void Beast: Level 6 Energy Summon Spell. When cast, a creature formed of the Void emerges through a portal. Its touch draws enemies into its plane, utterly destroying them. The creature remains for up to five minutes. Child Spells: Archon

Chronomanipulation: Level 6 Energy Support Spell. When cast, the caster can jump his or another's personal time field forward, bacward, or halt it for 15 seconds. Only accessible to the strongest of magi. Child Spells: Erasure, Chronoportation

Apocalypse: Level 7 Energy Attack Spell. One of the most powerful spells in existence. When cast, a full mile-long radius of destruction emanates from the caster. Only cast before in the War of the Chosen. Child Spells: Archon

Erasure: Level 7 Energy Attack Spell. This spell may never have been used, and it may have, for this spell completely erases the target from time and all its effects. Child Spells: Archon

Chronoportation: Level 7 Energy Support Spell. This spell sends the caster back, forward, or freezes an enemy for up to 1 day. Exceedingly powerful.

Ultimate Beam: Level 7 Energy Support Spell. Converts a small amount of the area around the caster to energy, and then tosses it at an enemy. This spell can fell even the strongest of foes. Child Spells: Archon.

Archon: Level 8 Energy Summon Spell. This spell, if sucessful, summons one of the creatures from the Energy Plane and places it under a mortal's control. If not sucessful, the caster is turned on and destroyed. This creature can cast any Energy Spell, and as its attack turns its foes to energy and devours them. This beast, is perhaps even capable of slaying a legendary Adamant Dragon. It can stay in the mortal world for only two hours without an energy source, and is vulnerable to an archmage's Null Magic spell. That is its only weakness.

Title: Re: Magic List
Post by: Theodorus Holzman on 23 September 2001, 03:29:00
I think there should be Healing and Banish spells too. Healing: spells to heal small wounds and to enhance the effect of healing herbs. Banish: spells to dispel Undead/Spirits, so their spirit can finally go to the Underworld (do we have something like that?).
Also, their could maybe a extra list to the Bestiary, in which all Legendary/Magical creatures are stored. (creatures of which the existence is only known from tales and legends). We could also implement Necromancy, but I think that should have some severe side-effects, so it would only be used by men in desperate situations, or by evil magicians that don't care about side effects. (Possible side-effect: For every resurrected creature you need the live-blood of another creature, or something like that). But this is just an idea.

Title: Re: Magic List
Post by: Xarl on 23 September 2001, 06:24:00
Oh, stupid me, I'd forgotten the Necromancer class. Spells may include: Soul Steal, Banish, and other nasty spells like that. And I like your idea for casting necromantic spells. The Wood/Life magic class will include healing, but the strongest healing is only available to clerics of Nehtor. Clerics of Baveras will have some healing skill, as will those of Arvins. Clerics of Foiros will have a minimal healing skill. Just a reminder, folks, I don't want to be the only spellmaker. WAY too long. Other people please suggest things too. I'm only suggesting to Artimidor & Co. my ideas, so join in!

P.S. We do have an underworld, it's near the bottom level of the Vortex or whatever.

Title: Re: Magic List
Post by: Theodorus Holzman on 23 September 2001, 13:06:00
Well, you could also implement some sort of Religous spells. You know; the "ask the god to did and that" stuff. But there seems to be no god to ask in this world. The 12 are a little angry with eachother I believe and Avá isn't really present.

Title: Congratulations!
Post by: Xarl on 23 September 2001, 14:57:00
Theodorus, I'm landing you with the Clerical spells. If you could create 6 spells unique to any specific god per god, I'd be much obliged. Folks, I will cooperate with requests for add-on spells, but if you want them done soon, you'll need 'em done yourself.

Edit add-on: WTF is up with the Level 2 Orcish Maurader thing on my ID?

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Title: Re: Congratulations!
Post by: Xenos Ravenbeack on 23 September 2001, 19:31:00
hmmm rember we're using skill sets not classes so individual god clerics will need to be mutualy exclusive sets... anyway dont forget the R'unorian gods and such... maybe under one of the classes should be an interrupt spell that will disrutp another wizard in mid casting o r something

Title: Xarl Xarl Xarl...
Post by: Tarquet Galbar on 24 September 2001, 00:50:00
Gee, that looks familiar. Don't copy the IoE system, now. Personally, I think there should be more than eight levels. That's a bit low. If there are to be nearly three hundred spells then it will be necessary. It would take thirty-some spells a level. But hey, whatever.

Title: Sulk...
Post by: Xarl on 24 September 2001, 07:04:00
Tarq, these are only ideas. I'm creating some spells, others can insert their own. I'm figuring on there eventually being loads of Level 3-5 spells, and with a lot of choice for the 2 Level 7 spells.  

Title: Re: Sulk...
Post by: Theodorus Holzman on 24 September 2001, 09:17:00
Well, I'll try to come up with some clerical spells too. (Why in the world did you pick me, I've been here for only 1 week or so? Oh well, this is a really good opportunity to study the Santharian Gods). But I just read the post so you'll have to wait a while. I also had anohter idea. Concerning the spell levels. You said you wanted to make spells from level 1 to 8, I thought we could implement some 9 or 10 level spells, BUT those spells can only be cast be multiple wizards. Altough this might me a bit difficult to do in a RPG, but it could be one of the things explaining wizard orders. But as I said, it's just an idea.  

Title: Re: Sulk...
Post by: Tarquet Galbar on 24 September 2001, 10:40:00
Maybe there should just be ten levels. It wouldn't make much sense to have thirty level 7 and 8 spells when you can only get two from 7 and one from 8. Then, instead of 3-5, just load up 1-5 with more spells, then gradually taper the number down until getting to level 10. But hey, it's your project, that just made a bit more sense to me.

Title: Re: Sulk...
Post by: Theodorus Holzman on 24 September 2001, 10:52:00
Well, I haven't got the details yet. But here's a list with the religuos/clerical spells. All the gods have to same sort of spells, but each has a different result.

God's Blessing = protective spell
God's Healing = healing spell
God's Word = medium offensive spell
God's Wrath = destructive against one target
God's Rage  = very destructive, affects a whole area
God's Presence = creates a monster with the powers of the god

In the final add, I'll put the names of the various gods where the word God stands now (doh). I've put them in order of difficulty, but I haven't decided about the last two ones. Please tell me what you think of this, before I'm putting a whole night work in it.

Title: Re: Sulk...
Post by: Theodorus Holzman on 24 September 2001, 11:13:00
I've done it on the Gods of Wind. This should happen with the other Gods too. Please take a look.

Gods of Wind:


Grothar’s Blessing: Gives caster an anti-hostile-magic aura.
Grothar’s Healing: Creates a soft healing rain
Grothar’s Word: Creates a medium lightning bolt
Grothar’s Wrath: Target explodes because a wind starts to blow within him.
Grothar’s Rage: Creates a gigantic Thunderstorm Grothar’s Presence: Creates a giant with the ability to control the weather that obeys the caster.


Nehtor’s Blessing: Makes caster impervious to harm.
Nehtor’s Healing: Gives caster a healing aura. So all the good people that are nearby get strengthened and healed, but all the bad guys get afraid and weak.
Nehtor’s Word: Poisons target
Nehtor’s Wrath: Kills target, because target gets infected with hundred different diseases.
Nehtor’s Rage: Causes a pestilence
Nehtor’s Presence = Creates a medium sized humanoid like creature with the same aura like the one from Nehtor’s healing, but much stronger. This creature also has the power to resurrect ONE person. If the creature is used to resurrect somebody, it disappears after the raise is complete.


Eyasha’s Blessing: Gives the caster a very charismatic aura. So many creatures will join him/her and follow his/her orders.
Eyasha’s Healing: This spell doesn’t heal bodily wounds, but heals mental wounds caused by for example possession by evil spirits.
Eyasha’s Word: Disrupts target’s emotions
Eyasha’s Wrath: Creates a cloud of despair and terror under caster’s enemies.
Eyasha’s Rage: Fills caster’s enemies with visions of horror, often causing them to kill themselves.
Eyasha’s Presence: Creates an Angel like creature with the ability to turn Evil people into Good.

Title: Re: Sulk...
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 25 September 2001, 13:45:00
As I've already stated I need to confer this all with Nate of Sorren (Game Development), because magic spells will affect the game considerably. So I definitely need to hear his opinion on these topics before we can decide on how we'll handle magics in order to prepare them for the game.

However, I see no big problem why we shouldn't start with setting up spells and we have some nice outlines here already as I can see. However, most important are the things I've mentioned above. Instead of quantity we should go for quality of description. Once again: Read my first posting! In this respect we also should mainly work on a general description: What is a cleric spell, what is a mage's spell (perhaps we need even cosmological reasons here)? Where will we use reagents? Who will need spellbooks? Will clerics learn spells automatically if they achieve higher levels? What are the different kinds of magics concerning different races? We need a general concept in this respect first. Such general descriptions would have to look like if they were only made for the site, completely independent from the game. Then we should add a section on how this could/should/will be realized for the game.

These things are the first we should do. It doesn't help much if we don't have the general outline for all spells before we work on detailed spells. If we work on spells BTW we should work one after the other - one detailed description after the other. When I say >300 spells I mean that not all spells will be available for humans e.g., only a certaun amount will be. This could be interesting in the game - that certain races, who have learned certain spells at certain schools can do completely different spells. A party of mages can do much more then one mage alone. Also more then 8 levels are quite ok, I'd say, because the longer it takes to reach the top, the better.

Proposals so far sound fine, e.g. the cleric spells based on the Gods from Theo, I would only give them other names, e.g. "Grothat's Blessing" could be re-named to something like "Grothar's Hand" etc. Something in this direction.

But please remember: We need general descriptions on magic and how and who can cast what as well as a scheme first for the description of all spells before we can go into greater detail! This should have topmost priority now.

Title: Re: Sulk...
Post by: Greybark on 25 September 2001, 23:31:00
what Vortex? I don't remember anyone creating one....
If you mean the Etherial Void, that has nothing to do with an underworld....check the compendium entry.

Title: Re: Sulk...
Post by: Capher on 26 September 2001, 08:31:00
Greybark there is a deepwinds portal in northern sarvonia maybe thats what they are talking about?  Otherwise I have no idea and I agree with Art, Nate should be in on this discussion.

With deepest regards,Capher

Title: Affirmative
Post by: Theodorus Holzman on 26 September 2001, 08:39:00
Okay, I'll rewrite those Spells. The Spell structure will be changed too, destructive gods (Fire, Death) get more destructive spells and healing and constructive gods (Forging, Healing, Peace & Unity) get more protective and healing Spells. The number of spells per god will remain six though. The only one I wanted to keep was "god's precense", maybe under another name, but I had thought of a bit Myth/Lore for those. Something like: "When all the gods are present and will start fighting eachother, the outcome will decide the destiny of the World as we know it." But this was just a thought.
Another Myth/Lore Spell: "Ask Avá Spell"

Avá's recognition: Spell that can only be cast by the Chosen one. Grants caster immortallity, eternal youth and power as great as Coór. Avá has chosen this one to banish Coór from this world, in a last attempt to save her dream from evil. But nobody knows anything about who could be the Chosen. If caster isn't the Chosen, he'll be destroyed. (possible elvish word meaning chosen: "Anahka" from the book/serie "The Elenium" of David Eddings).
But this was also just a thought too, I won't be surprised if you say it's a bit too extreme to implement.


Title: Re: Affirmative
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 26 September 2001, 14:05:00
Avá's recognition is indeed too extreme, Theo! If you could cast it nobody would have the slightest chance against you..

Title: Re: Affirmative
Post by: Theodorus Holzman on 26 September 2001, 14:09:00
Yeah, but that's the fun. Only one person can cast it and because he/she is chosen by Avá he should be pure of heart and ask Avá to take away his powers if he has defeated Coór.  But I can understand your problem. It's indeed to extreme. But it occured to me. And as a Dutch expression says: Never shot is always a miss. (freely translated.)


Title: Re: Affirmative
Post by: Xarl on 26 September 2001, 17:28:00
Oh, one small idea. Clerics can also Bless or Curse objects, giving them a small amount of Magical Power. An Etherus-cursed object may be wanted by all, an Eyasha-blessed sword will merely knock opponents unconcious, a stick blessed by Jeyriall may blossom with fruit, and armor cursed by Armeros will admit any blow. You get the idea. And only one spell goes to the few Elven Clerics of Ava. Try this: Ava's Tears. Causes one of the High Goddess' tears to fall on the spot. Has immense magical potential, and can be shaped by the caster's will. Yer call.

Title: Re: Affirmative
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 26 September 2001, 17:55:00
Don't know but there should be a good research on what kind of magic is dedicated to which magical school. See also my Weaver-comment.
I think that magic is well-balanced and explained either for RPG and to fit well into the world (and not everyone is wondering why you don't just get a mage and solve the problem!)  

Koldar Mondrakken, Knight of the Moonlight

Title: spells
Post by: nate on 26 September 2001, 18:34:00
I wrote some spells for sorren.  It was put into a database a few years ago.  It took me a few months to type them out.  They were classified into different spell books.  There was life, death, nature, and a couple other categories.  I don't remember exactly how many there were, but I still have the database somewhere.

Before we take on the task of refining spells we need to have a clear set of stats.  So then the spells will be able to effect something.  Like a healing spell effects someone's hp.  So will different harm spells.  How about a fog spell.  Well if it brings a fog what will happen?  Can we make it so that it causes arrows to miss their targets more?

We don't have the stats system to know what we can and can't do.  I vote that we wait on the spells.  And figure out in stone how we want stats.

Title: Spells
Post by: nate on 26 September 2001, 18:57:00
I'm sorry if that last message doesn't fit.  Maybe I have been looking at this world from a programming perspective too long.

Anyway to contribute to the spell issue.  Consider the range of spells.  Not how far they reach but by who they effect.  Do spells effect a region of land, like a storm, darkness,  do they effect objects(people and things), such as teleportation, bless, flamestrike, or are they global, for example a spell that causes Dark magic to use more mana.  Each spell should have a counter spell.  Every spell needs a counter, the counter doesn't have to be a spell.

For example...
A bard may be able to play a song of silence and storms will soon disipate.  Heavenly light shining down because of the prayers of a priest.  Teleportation requiring movement points as well as mana, dispel magic to remove a blessing, magic reflection to reflect a flamestrike, dispell global enchantment.

My icq is 20748554 if you have any questions or comments.

Title: Re: Spells
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 03 October 2001, 14:39:00
If you can let me take a look at the database, Nate, I can take a look on it and think on how we can perhaps integrate the spells in Santharia/Sorren.

Title: Re: Spells
Post by: Xarl on 03 October 2001, 14:54:00
If you want to see some spells, I can make 'em. A question: should there be ingredients for these spells?

Title: Re: Spells
Post by: SmurfStormcrow on 03 October 2001, 17:07:00
Well, it might depend on the race that is casting the spells. As I see it, some races rely on different methods of spellcasting, potions being one of them.


Psychotic Wizard-Type

Title: Re: Spells
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 04 October 2001, 14:18:00
Well, we still need to agree on general ideas. Do we use ingredients? Or runes? For which kind of magic what (elemental, Xeuá or one or two different ways like life magic for example)? You could perhaps start on two or three minor spells (please try to integrate everything I've mentioned in my longer post somewhere on how spells should look like), describe them in detail - not only 2 lines -, then we could use these spells as first examples which we then can start to improve till everything sounds fine, categorize it etc.

Title: Re: Spells
Post by: Tarquet Galbar on 04 October 2001, 14:25:00
Maybe it shouldn't rely on the race, but on the spell. If you're casting a spell that, for example, changes something's size then you might draw a rune on it to perform the spell, while as if you're casting a spell to make something catch on fire you throw some coal dust on it. Just my thoughts.

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Title: Re: Spells
Post by: SmurfStormcrow on 05 October 2001, 17:09:00
Could be some symbolism, but in this last mentioned case, I would think that it just helps the spellcaster focus on the item.

There's a lot of threads with mentions about magic somewhere in them. I'll try to hunt them down and put them together. (Only the latest threads. I don't want to search through the whole forum for every mention of magic! But if anyone else has an older thing that they remember, e-mail it to me. We might want to start a forum jsut about the magic of Sorren.) But this might take a while. I'll also try to write a summary of the stuff metioned.


Psychotic Wizard-Type

Title: Re: Magic List
Post by: Silentsyco on 27 November 2001, 20:32:00
Hi, Silentsyco here, also Arion Raistlin.  Just joined this RPG, and I have an idea that, although it might be rather difficult to set up, would be very interesting to see happen.  I noticed you guys were discussing different lvls of magic and what should be open to different races and the such, well what if we sort of threw emotion in there too.  It takes (or should at least) a certain amount of concentration and willpower to cast spells, the requirements increasing depending on the level of spells.  It would be interesting to see someone's mood affect the types/amount of spells they can cast.  For instance, if someone's best friend just died, and they were grieving, or hysterical with rage, it would be difficult to concentrate, and thus, accurately cast a spell.  Also, I think it would be interesting to open a few of the very powerful spells only to those in extreme anger from some wrong done to them.  Of course, the spell has a very high chance of also injuring the caster, since it is a high level spell, and requires a lot of concentration, something one does not have complete control over when you're enraged.  Just a few thoughts, you could also have other emotions trigger different reactions, such as a grieved heart opening up healing spells that were unaccessible before.  Using emotions could also have the effect of say, prompting a show of limited magic from someone who is not magically inclined.  Not sure what you all think of this, just a thought I've had for a while and wanted to see implemented in an RPG.

"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers"-Silentsyco

Title: Re: Magic List
Post by: Xarl on 27 November 2001, 22:56:00
Well, I've been working on it for a while, but I've come up with this. A Magic Language, if you will. The words are distorted by time and place, but the powers they summon remember their names and will follow even the most bizarre deviation if it was arrived at gradually. Demonstration spell-
Kon (point at area) Bakara- Crush (earth-invoke-small). Kon, meaning crush, is more complicatedly the direction to crush the first thing along the line of the caster's pointing in a small radius. A lot of this is in the mind, so Kon can in the hands of a good mentalist mean anything from "juice those grapes" to "turn that boulder to sand." Bakara is actually a 2-part word, Ba meaning low-power and Kara meaning invoke-earth.
     Words of the Magic Language (Ximaxian Dialect)
Shlor- Wind-invoke
Kara- Earth-invoke
Loras- Fire-invoke
Tsein- Water-invoke
Nehsho- Heal-invoke
Shlaza- Energy-invoke

Power levels
Ba, No, Gan- low-power
Ke, Byar, Bor- mid-power
Zho, Gruk, Kna- high-power

Kro- Move
Ney- Energy*
Lora- Fire*
Kar- Earth*
Neh- Heal (via element)
Gnar- Create Element (for example, Gnarlora would create fire)
Beyn- Light
Vuk- Control Element (Vuklora would allow you to mold flame)
Majar- Change
Tlon- Strike
Tsan- Attack
Krofa- Bring to me (fa meaning me)
Kyran- Beam
Jotyu- See
Dunbor- Shield

I'll need more. Proposals?

*in action

Title: Re: Magic List
Post by: Tarquet Galbar on 28 November 2001, 00:38:00
Elves- Those who were the first, and came from the element of wind. Thusly they were bound to the wind and it's mysteries, and still today do they use it when they perform magic. They hold the strongest influence over wind.

Dwarves- They sprang from the earth, and many still dwell in it today. The earth is their element, and their primary element they use in magic. Their influence over earth is greater than that of any other species.

Humans- Coming from the water as the Rain of Life fell over Sorren, they use everything to gain power, money, or whatever they feel like wanting. Still, no matter how they expand their magic ability to help their goals, water is still their main element. They hold the most influence over the cool, calm element, which can also become so quickly deadly.

Orcs- Children of the Flame, the spawn of the destructive element of fire, which still has so many uses. They may use it mainly to destroy, but not all do. Some have found better things to do with it. They hold the most influence over fire, which can sometimes be a scary thought if they're going to use magic against you.

Xeua- That which binds the elements together, according to elven myth, and is also used in elven spell-weaving. It is used to heal Sorren and other things. The elves seem to be the only ones who can used the Xeua or at least are interested.

Life Magic- No matter what the reason, very few other than Brownies seem to be able to use this magic. It is most powerful where life is gathered, and weakest when life is rare. Though they were not one of the first four created, the Brownies have found a truly awesome gift in the magic.

Clerical Magic- Not the same as the other magics. Drawn not from the power of an element or something else, but drawn from faith and the divine power of whatever god the follower worships. Of course, it is always the choice of the god or goddess if and when to distribute the power.

Necromancy- Primarily used by humans, and first discovered and explored by a human. This is an easy way to create slaves that never need rest or food, and are extremely cheap since all you have to do is dig up the body. Though others have also used this, elves (with the possible exception of the Dark) will never use this, since they view it as an inherently evil act of pulling the dead from their rest.

Black Xeua- One of the different interpretations of the Xeua which was, not surprisingly, first thought up by a group of Dark Elves. Most who find the Xeua as an interesting area of study know that if you run into a Dark Elven mage who practices Black Xeua is something to be afraid of.

Demonology- The practice of summoning demons first believed to have begun not long after Necromancy. It is a little known and little used practice, though it was used many times in the War of the Chosen, as demons of different types were great as warriors. Some believe it started as a branch of Clerical magic, but it has since gained independence.

Dragon Magic- The dragon, a creature of immense power, both physical and magical. Though magic is nothing to them, it is just like breathing, automatic and natural. But for those who are not dragons, but can learn the runes and cast the spells, the magic is unimaginably useful and powerful.

Resonance Magic- Used by the Weavers, who can be of any race but must be born with the Gift. The magic which is taken from what they believe to be the origin of all magic, the Web. Pulling it out in strands and weaving it into what spells they wish. But if they lose concentration then the resonance magic can get out of control and the effects are often disasterous and deadly.

Any questions/comments/additions?

P.S-Thanks Judith! This is mostly general, according to the cosmology (mainly what element they were created from) and their compendium entries. I encourage all the experts on the various races to give their more detailed views, as they'd have more insight on that race than I.

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Title: Dwarven Magic - details and a story
Post by: Bard Judith on 28 November 2001, 08:16:00
DWARVEN MAGIC -  more details and a story

Dwarves indeed have a very intimate relationship with the earth and its minerals and contents.  They are also a very practical and hardheaded race, seeing magic as just another 'force' or 'element' which can be used as a tool to create and shape their environment.  As a result, there are few 'meditative-magic' users, but quite a few 'sympathetic-magic' users.  By which I mean that Dwarves tend to use ingredients in their casting far more than humans or elves, and rely on 'focusing tools' such as small wands, hammers, daggers and so on rather than just using the power of their mind to control magic.

Let me give you a picture-story, as I prefer to do...


The dwarven child peeped round a rockface, only the top of her head and two bright eyes visible in the firelight.  Beyond a stalagmite, next to a low workbench, stood a hunched, lumpy figure muttering to himself.  "Marverikerons balthur enn trum kerikor lokjoroom!  Fraffen mithmor...."  He brought a small silvery hammer down upon some substance which the child could not see, and sparks erupted in a vivid fountain.

Her eyes widened with delight, and she suppressed  a giggle which would have given her away to the Dwarf Mage.  Trumlok was not known for his patience with children, and the aunties had warned them all to stay well clear of his cavern... but Khirkaer's curiosity had been too much for her.  When she had seen the mage, clad in his brown robes and the characteristic many-pocketed leather vest that swept the floor (made from a HUNDRED bat skins, the children whispered), returning from a late-night expedition, she had forgotten the hunger-ache that had gotten her out of bed in the first place, and went sneaking down the tunnel after him.

And now she was enjoying the illicit pleasure of being out of bed past moon-dark, in a place forbidden, watching a display of magery!  Oh, her learn-group would wanna hear this story t'morrow, she thought eagerly.  She hunched her small shoulders up and huddled closer to the concealing rockface.

Trumlok set the hammer down with a sigh of frustration and began rooting through his pockets.  He wasn't very well-organdized for a mage, Khirhkaer thought.  Mages were s'posed to have all the stuff they needed in the Spell-Vest, and the places they put it mem'rized.  SHE had a 'nexellent place-mem'ry; her Kotaalwirgerim had told her so just the other day.  'She could be a gem-dowser or earth-guide', the teacher had said.... why not a mage?  Khirhkaer bubbled to herself, watching Trumlok still searching pockets.

You hadda be organdized, of course, and 'member the names of lots of diffrunt earths 'n minerals n' ores and stuff.  And you hadda have good 'concentration', and 'co-ordination'.  Khirhkaer had just learned the runes for those two big words, and she had a new blister on her chisel hand because of them, too!

"Hah!" the mage snorted, making her heart do a lizard-leap.  "Got it!" He pulled a pinch of some flaky material out from a small pocket low on the hammerside of his vest, near the knee level.  It glittered as he tossed it into the air, the flakes spinning and flitting sideways like tiny leaves.  "Avefer Marundl - Gor!"  

The hidden child gasped as she saw the flakes freeze in midair, hanging like dustmotes in a beam of light. No, not frozen, moving, but moving so slowly!  Trumlok brought his arm around in a quick sweep, as if to cut through the centre of the cloud - as it hit the edge and began to move through the flakes, it too seemed to be slowed and halted, even the flapping sleeve moving in a lazy drift.  A strange noise accompanied the sweep; a kind of plinking chime, like .... like... if Khirkhaer had heard rain on a lake more often in her young life, she would have recognized the noise easily.  She decided that it sounded like the aunties boiling springsoup, and focused on the mage again in absolute fascination....


OK, guys, that's all she wrote!  You wanna hear how the story ends, tune in next time.  I'm going to bed (grin)

Hope that gives a clearer picture?  

Regards from the Bard

Title: Re: Dwarven Magic - details and a story
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I don't know if anyone has notice that this has been updated, I especially need Art to see this. Helloooo? Feedback? Anyone?

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Title: I'm gone
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