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Title: Spell Example 2: Boiling Blood (Level II)
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 29 March 2002, 13:06:00
Spell Effect. As the name already implies "Boiling Blood" causes the target's blood to rise in temperature, thus filling the muscles of a person with fresh energies and making e.g. a worker or a fighter stronger and faster for a short period of time. Although the effects of the spell only last for a few minutes, "Boiling Blood" has to be cast with care, because a high temperature may also lead to illnesses, especially at very weak persons who use the spell repeatedly in order to show more strength whenever they deem it necessary.

At any rate a negative by-effect of the the "Boiling Blood" spell is a certain tiredness at the target after the effect of the modified blood wears off, an effect which is directly related to the mage's level: the higher the spell level of the mage, the lesser the target will notice fatigue afterwards.

Casting Procedure. In order to perform the spell the Fire Mage needs to get in direct contact with the target. Usually the mage touches the target at his/her neck in order to find the artery, which he marks with rat blood mixed with water. This procedure is supposed to support letting the energies of the caster flow into the body of the target. Concentration of the mage in order to cast the spell takes up to half a minute. Then the blood the mage manages to heat will be transported within a few moments through the body of the target and the spell will finally take effect.

Magical Formula. Fér Phá Kýl (Styrásh "Fér Phá Kýl"), literally meaning "fire blood bubbling/simmering".

Target. "Boiling Blood" can be cast on any living being, which has blood in his/her/its veins. Casting the spell on adversaries is possible, though not very helpful for the obvious reasons.

Reagents. Rat Blood, water (used to touch the target's neck near his/her artery)

Magical School. Elemental Magic, Fire School

Spell Category. Not yet defined.

Range. The caster needs to touch his/her target. The higher your level the more persons the caster will be able to affect with the energy of the spell in case they are standing in his/her vicinity:
Level 1-3 (Novitate Levels): 1 person affected
Level 4-6 (Initiate Levels): 2 persons may be affected
Level 7-9 (Magicati Levels): 3 persons may be affected
Level 10-12 (Archmage Levels): a whole party may be affected
Note: Affecting more persons than one with the spell is not guaranteed, only probable. How many people really are affected by the spell depends on various factors like luck, intelligence, weariness of the caster etc.

Casting Time. 20-25 seconds. Not to be recommended to be cast during a raging battle, but usually a good choice to cast a few moments before an attack.

Duration. Approximately 3-4 minutes, usually enough for support in a quick fight. The mage's level does not affect the duration of the spell.

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