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Title: Wind Magic
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 26 November 2002, 02:32:00
You just know someone's going to jump down my throat for this. I mean, I may have done a lot of reading, but I really have no expirience doing anything in the magic department. I'm totally out-of place and I'm sure someone's going to be yelling at me about how awful this is and about how... ::blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah! Blah blah blah.::

I need help in Users and in the Time Table of Wind Magic. Maybe some kind soul might point me in the right direction? ^_^ Please? ^_^;;

Description: Wind magic is one of the more peaceful categories of Elemental magic, possessing more qualities of peace and healing than chaos and destruction. It is, however, difficult to control for those who are not close to Ava. The Elves, thus, makes some of the best Wind magicians and clerics. Like fire, the Element of Wind branches out into an emotional sphere, though it exhibits much animosity toward the emotionalism expressed in Fire magic. While fire magic manipulates emotions of rage and lust, Wind alters those of peace and calm.

Wind as an element is very peaceful, but is, as stated before, difficult to control by those who aren’t close to Ava. There are three gods associated with the spheres of Wind magic: Eyasha (With the powers of Peace and Tranquility), Grothar ( The God of Weather), and Nehtor (presiding over Healing, Renewal, and Rebirth). Wind magic is one of the hardest Elements to gain a firm grasp on by any who are not of elven blood, but tends to be less dangerous than most. If one repeats a word incorrectly or uses supplies that have gone bad, the results are bound to be less severe than with other Elements. Water Magic has many variations that can be summarized in the following: Healing, assuagement, resurrect (which is practically unattainable), renewal, clairvoyancy, rain, snow, lightning, cloud, tornado, hurricane, winds, harmony, tranquility, contentment, and slumber.

Wind Spheres: Like most Elements, Wind magic is divided into three spheres, often represented in the colors gray, white, and blue.

Weather: Out of all the spheres of Wind magic, weather proves the most immediately destructive. Spells that fall into this category are those, of course, dealing with weather. This include: Wind, Rain, Snow, Thunder, Cloud, etc. Clerics of the God Grothar tend to excel in this sphere, and it tends to be the sphere in which most magi specialize.

Tranquility: This sphere deal with the manipulation of elements of emotion coupled with relaxation, and deal with more peaceful parts of the soul: Harmony, calmess, clairvoyancy, contentment slumber, etc. Clerics of Eyasha are obviously well adept in this subdivision.

Healing: The sphere of healing deals with the more remedy-related spells in Wind magic, such as those relating to assuagement, resurrection, and renewal. Magi of this sphere tend to word in medical positions or act as a medicine-person to their tribe. Clerics of Nehtor are especially adept in this sphere.


Grotharian: Often of Elvish blood, these magi are adept in weather magic and are clerics of Grothar. They are often elves that are quite dedicated to worshipping this God with festivals, celebrations, and prayer at one of the Grotharian temples.

Reagents: Wind magic doesn’t usually require many reagents. A lot of what is needed in purely spiritual, but there are a few items that are commonly used.

Weather Reagents: Water in any form is often needed for weather spells. Often magi choose to conduct spells near lakes or oceans or with some natural water source nearby. Parts of animals are also commonly useds: Bat ears, eagle feathers. The most popular reagent, though, is silver dust.

Tranquility Reagents: Often, no reagents are required. Tranquility spells use the spirit of the caster. However, things such as part of the target’s clothing, hair, skin, sweat, etc. Will aide in the spells, especially if it is being cast from a far distance where, perhaps, the target is not in view.

Healing Reagents: Healing reagents are the most extensive, but usually include plants such as the Arv, the Myuestic Bush with its Miyu beans, the Odea Moss, and the Yahrle. Sometimes a drop of blood from the wounded is required or the plant itself needs to be in a certain form: maybe dried and crushed or turned into a paste. Spiritual remedies often require crystals.

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Title: Re: Wind Magic
Post by: Silfer Darkflare on 26 November 2002, 08:23:00
Well, as in users, you have those three gods, and wind mages from Ximax and around... and i belive all elves posess wind magic to a small degree?

For time table, ask Xarl-without-a-messenger.

Title: Re: Wind Magic
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 26 November 2002, 10:13:00

Gods have nothing to do with wind magic as their realm is clerical magic. In a whole priests, clerics and everyone else don't know wind magic but only the allegiance to their God. In that respect I also think there won't be any weather mages because this need too much understanding of a world reserved for priests and prayers. :  

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Title: Re: Wind Magic
Post by: Silfer Darkflare on 26 November 2002, 11:06:00
if my memory serves me correct, the gods should be mentioned in the wind magci entry.... but to what extent... ask Xarl, i'd say. My filed is spells.

And of course, more details required.

Title: Re: Wind Magic
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 26 November 2002, 17:25:00
Ok, so for users:
Elves (Because all evles possess at least a small degree of Wind Magic)
Clerics of each Wind God/Goddess(?)
Magi of Ximax
Grotharian Priests (to replace simply "Grotharians")

I suppose I should also make healing the most studied sphere instead of weather, ne? I'd also be nice to heave some better names for the spheres. I was thinking of something like meteorologist, but everytime I think of the word a picture of a guy in a suit with a map behind him talking about weather pops into my head. My mind can't get past the connotations. ~_~; Anyone have any ideas?

What sort of details should I add? I'll work on as many as I can, but I'd like to know exactly what I should give deeper explaination to.

I'll work on all these things and edit my previous post accordingly. ^_^ Thanks, you guys! ::hugs them both and skips away::

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Title: Re: Wind Magic
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 26 November 2002, 18:12:00
Clerical magic is entirely independant from wizardy magic. The whole point of it is that it is completely based onto religion, that the Santharian Gods are loosely put into four categories of the elements is based on myths not in any way on elementar magic.
There can be religions without this scheme and nevertheless ahve powerful priests who can just cover everything their god is meant to cover.
That is the reason clerical magic is seen as a seperate way of magic by the Ximaxians(see entry), it doesn't fit their system.

So it would not make much sense to put them into the summary of wizardy Wind magic.

Sorry, for torpedoeing this part of your entry, Rayne, otherwise a good start (though you once confused wind with water!;) )

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Title: Re: Wind Magic
Post by: Kalika Avalotus on 26 November 2002, 18:21:00
Oops. Wrong name. ^^'

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Title: Re: Wind Magic
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 26 November 2002, 18:24:00
I'm pretty sure Cleric are mentioned in users. I', not doing Wizardly WInd Magic, I'm doing general WInd Magic. When working out the form, I looked to Xarl's Fire Magic entry as a clue of format and to help me figure out what sort of information to put in this Wind Magic entry. If you look at Xarl's Fire Magic entry, down in Users, he mentions "Etherians." The first phrase in the description of Etherians contains "...clerics of Etherus..." This would imply that clerics are mentioned.

So now I am confused. ~_~

"Clercis or no clerics.. that is the question!"

::wanders through her entry looking for mistakes.::

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Title: Re: Wind Magic
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 26 November 2002, 18:25:00
Ignore this. My computer is really messing up. I think there's a bug in the system. ~_~

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Title: Blek.
Post by: Xarl the Blekky on 27 November 2002, 00:06:00
Ummm... well... It's a good start.
*quietly notes to self that he hates whenever people say that to him. Decides that changing it isn't worth it.*
However... hoo boy. I'll do this tomorrow... I'm functioning on one glass of Gatorade and two hours spent doing homework.  

Title: Re: Blek.
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 27 November 2002, 01:37:00
GAH! Homework! ::runs off in a mad rush::

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Title: Re: Blek.
Post by: Fox on 27 November 2002, 01:51:00
Erkity erk erk..... this probably isn't the best time for this Rayne, with the magic being revised and all... I mean.. things will likely be changed so that you will need to completely revise this entry. As Xarl will have to do with his fire entry and I with my water(still lingering in the depths of the forum ^_~).

Of course... I've been having very little time or inspiration to getting to work on it... I'm hoping Xarl has made some progress.... ~_~'

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Title: Re: Blek.
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 27 November 2002, 02:40:00
Oh? Revising? o.o; Wonderful! ^_^ I'll help!

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Title: Re: Blek.
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 27 November 2002, 15:32:00
In fact I think it is a very good idea to work out the principles of Wind magic now, and Rayne has made a very good start here! In fact Wind magic is different from clerical magic, as elemental magic in general is opposed to clerical magic (which is based on faith), so you'd need to adjust that. The Fire Magic entry is also not perfect, as it has e.g. this clerical reference, but you're definitely on the right track, Rayne! Maybe you can help finishing the spell classes, and in combination with that elaborate in more detail what Wind magic is.

If you have time to help on developing Magic in general, Rayne, I would appreaciate that very much, there are several things we need here, and a productive team for all things which have to deal with magic would be very helpful. Among the things we'd need e.g. are an

- entry on reagents with a catalogue showing which reagents are good for which kind of spell (e.g. what do bat ears, certain herbs or minerals represent in a spell and how can they be combined efficiently). We shouldn't let reagents expand unlimited, but shoul provide a pool, of which we can chose from.

- Another important thing would be to work out more details for magical formulas. Though there is already an entry on the site, we'd need elaborated magical syllables forming magical formulas. I proposed an Ultima-like system (e.g. Ultima uses syllables like An=Negate/Dispel, Bet=Small, Corp=Death etc.) These syllables should be combined to form the magical incantations, which are different from prayers. Prayers are for clerical magic, serve a similar purpose, but work differently, through the channel of faith.

But if the progress on the spell classes takes years for you all, I will have to focus on it all personally during the Christmas holidays. I tried to leave this part of the Dream for others to develop, and so far, no coherent system has been elaborated. But we need to have one pretty soon.

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Title: Re: Blek.
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 27 November 2002, 18:48:00
I'm a bit confused on how different we're making Elemental and Clerical magic. It's difficult, to me, because we want to maintain a balance between the two while remaining true to the definition of each. Do Clerics and Elemental Magi have the same spells? Or completely different ones? Or maybe some that are accessible to one group and others that are not?

For reagents, it really shouldn't be too difficult, hopefully. I would reccommend going through the Harbarium and Beastiary and deciding what group of animals or plants contribute to what kinds of spells. It may involve categorizing the animals as belonging to a certain element and then categorizing it further as belonging to a specific God/Goddess. That strikes me as the easiest to understand and work with.

Elvish, to me, is an old and very magic-related language, so we may consider using suffixes and prefixes from styrash in magic formulas. This would probably cause the Styrash dictionaries to expand to a great depth, but it would, I think, be more helpful. We might consider making a magic syllable dictionary, but again, it's just an idea.

These are just ideas I'm throwing out. It seems like last time that everyone sort of did their own little thing and when everything came together it was a bit sloppy, messy, and nearly incomprehensible. First we should make sure we're on the same page, then begin working. Hopefully it'll have better results. ^^'

Thank you for letting me work on this project! ::hugs Arti about his waist, then dances around happily::

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Title: Re: Blek.
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 27 November 2002, 21:05:00
You may assume that clerical and elemental magic have nothing to do with each other. They're working on entirely different planes.

On the reagents I would appreciate somthing with a rudimentary system as you suggest, Rayne. It sounds like a pretty good idea.

What I wouldn't like is a copy from Ultima where certain plants are somehow needed for magic though you don't know why or cliches like from bad movies. Also important to me is that the power is still the mind of the caster and reagents are merely assissting him in something.

Your Styrásh idea is also worth a second look. An additional idea from me would be to maybe develop from the Styrásh letters a symbol/rune for every prefix or suffix.

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Title: Re: Blek.
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 27 November 2002, 21:15:00
You'll have to tell me if I copy and Ultima idea. I've never actually played it, so I won't know if I am or not.

Maybe we should be very selective about reagents? There are some animals that have parts that are more likely to be used in spells. Creatures like dragons and different types of mystical birds might have more suitable properties for magic than others.

As for the run idea, I think that's a good idea. It reminds me a lot of the asian languages. They have symbols representing an idea, then they attack them to each other to form different ideas. (Example would be Hikouki: the symbols mean fly, go, and machine. AKA, airplane) The only problem would be that unless we used some pre-made font and took symbols from there, they wouldn't be accessible on everyone's computer, we we'd still need actual suffixes and prefixes as well as perhaps some translation.

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Title: Re: Blek.
Post by: Silfer Darkflare on 28 November 2002, 16:48:00
Clerical magic is hangin on Viresse... and she has been told (as we all have) to postpone it until the mgical revision. And that is (c) Xarl/dasson, if my memory serves me right. Is there things being done on the classes and such? And is it ONLY classes, or other things as well? This could be very intresting to sum up, as currently i personally feel that nothing is being done on that "magic revision", which have been hangin here for ages.