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Title: The Earthquake Spell
Post by: Arcuar on 15 April 2004, 11:06:00
Earthquake (Level IX)

Spell Effect. Earthquake is a spell which makes the earth tremble, just as it says. The caster alters all the earth cár'áll around him, shifting it, so that the earth will become instable. The earth will tremble in a reach of up to sixty peds, although at the end of its effect, the earthquake is weaker then when it was just cast.

Casting Procedure. The caster lays the grinded stone in a circle, approximately a ped in diameter. While standing in the circle, the caster recites the formula loudly. The caster focuses his cár’áll in a circular motion, shifting the earth cár'áll as he keeps on casting. If this is successful, the caster can feel the quake build up, and others in a circle of five peds can too.

If the spell is cast successfully, the earth will tremble roughly in the initial range, and the tremble will reduce as the quake moves on. Once the spell is successfully cast, the initial range will go to 15 peds, but in higher levels, can reach up to sixty peds.

Mantra. Alán’cuá’mód (Styrásh “Alán’Cuá’mód”), literally meaning “Move Break Earth!”

Target. The ground.

Reagents. “The bones of the earth”, or simply said, stones, preferrably sandstone, because it is easy to grind. The stone needs to be grinded fifteen at the most before the spell is cast.

Magical School. Elemental Magic, Earth School.

Spell Class.

Range. The initial effect only reaches 15 peds, but in higher levels can be felt sixty peds away, in extreme cases even a hundred peds. Here's a small table of the affected area per level:

Level 8: 15 peds
Level 9: 25 peds
Level 10: 35 peds
Level 11: 50 peds
Level 12: 60 peds

Casting time. Approximately 30 minutes.

Duration. Very short. Approximately 30 seconds to a minute.

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. An Earthquake is impossible to stop, once cast. The spell can’t be improved, though.

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Title: Re: The Earthquake Spell
Post by: Silfer Darkflare on 15 April 2004, 13:30:00
Sounds workable to me... however, Spell Class wouldn't be earth, earth spell classes aren't defined, so leave that blank until they are, methinks. Also, perhaps this should be higher up in level?  

Title: Re: The Earthquake Spell
Post by: HuunBerbar on 15 April 2004, 13:32:00
Erm, I would have the two differant types of earthquakes, linear and circular, as seperate spells.  And give the linear quake a much shorter casting time.  

Describe the differant levels, how it improves or changes with each level.  The spell's template should have something to the effect of...

Level 8: .....
Level 9: .....
Level 10: ......

and so on.

For the reagent, any spacific kind of stone?  And having to grind most rocks less then fifteen minutes away combined with the spell's range makes it almost useless, unless one could use weakened sandstone or something of that sort.  


Title: Re: The Earthquake Spell
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 15 April 2004, 14:47:00
I woul;d prefer a bit more for Spell Effect what is happening to the different Cár'álls? WHat change is taking place? What pell class (you don't need to name name, since there are none) do you think this would fall? How does the spell work?

Title: No spell class
Post by: Arcuar on 16 April 2004, 07:16:00
I would've sworn I read something about Spell Classes. Construction, Dragon, Peace, Chaos, Necromancy, Life, Sound, Healing, Summoning, among others. Don't remember it too vibrant, but I remember those classes. Anyways, I'm going to work on the mentioned things. Thanks for the support.

Title: Re: No spell class
Post by: Mina on 16 April 2004, 11:49:00
Those spell classes were from the old magic system.  They no longer exist.  

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There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
There is no passion; there is serenity.
There is no death; there is the Force.

Title: Ahh, I see.
Post by: Arcuar on 16 April 2004, 12:43:00
Then maybe I should work on that as well?

Title: Re: Ahh, I see.
Post by: HuunBerbar on 16 April 2004, 13:10:00
Or maybe you should not worry about it right this moment.  The spell class can be decided at the end ^^


Title: Or..
Post by: Arcuar on 16 April 2004, 13:18:00
I could just follow your advice. Not yet my beeswax Anything more which requires fixing?

Title: Re: Or..
Post by: Silfer Darkflare on 16 April 2004, 13:27:00
Not advisable to try your hand at spell classes... Rayne and I have trouble enough with them, I assure you.

IMHO, this is a level 9 spell... as it is very powerful.

Title: Re: Or..
Post by: HuunBerbar on 16 April 2004, 13:42:00
Erm..... level nine?  Tch, naw, it could be level one if it only slightly vibrated the earth right beneath the caster.  It could start being damaging at level nine though.


Title: Re: Or..
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 16 April 2004, 15:01:00
I'm not good at classifying things, but I trust Silfer.

In any case, remember that all things have cár'áll. directing your cár'áll in a circular pattern will only affect you, and not the earth. A change takes place because the cár'áll of a certain object has been altered somehow. You need to figure out how. How it is altered will directly affect what spell class it eventually gets placed in.

Title: Re: Or..
Post by: Silfer Darkflare on 16 April 2004, 15:07:00
Well, of course one could make it level one and very weak, but it would be useless until level 9 or so.

We have a Water spell, "call lightning", that is level 11. 11! And it is about equally powerful.  

Title: Re: Or..
Post by: Kikhku on 16 April 2004, 20:29:00
Infuse the earth car'all with fire or wind car'all, or maybe iunno....

Dear Beth.....

Title: Re: Or..
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 16 April 2004, 20:56:00
Kikhku, Hun, I don't think you know what you're talking about.. ~_~;

Title: Re: Or..
Post by: Kikhku on 17 April 2004, 18:09:00
Rayne, you're so right o.o;

Dear Beth.....

Title: Re: Or..
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 17 April 2004, 18:46:00
::gives Kik a hug and puts a cerubell  in his hair::

Title: Re: Or..
Post by: Kikhku on 17 April 2004, 19:30:00
Cerubell?... ::rings it just to bug her::

Dear Beth.....

Title: Err...
Post by: Arcuar on 18 April 2004, 14:32:00
*Rings his own Cerubell on his Santa Hat Rayne gave him* In other news: Off topic! We're discussing a new Spell, not Cerubells and idiocy (Did I spell that right?)

Title: Re: Err...
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 18 April 2004, 14:44:00
Dum di dum.. the madge shouldn't have to infuse his own cár'll into the ground to create the spell. He merely needs to cause an imbalance in the cár'áll somehow, perhaps by searating two parts of teh cár'á, preferably opposite parts, to such extreme that the cár'áll has a rubber band effect, pulling the opposite oún which such strength that the ground itself moves.

But I don't know. What does Silfer think?

Title: Re: Err...
Post by: Silfer Darkflare on 18 April 2004, 15:45:00
Well, physics time (I am inspired by a site about the flaws of physics in movies):

Normal earthquakes are caused by VEERY large-scale movements of the continental plates ob the earth's surface. I assume you know how. Now, we want a small, local scaled earthquake that doesn't turn this into The Matrix or something, nor kill the caster... soo...

The only thing I can think of, is if the caster of this spell concentrates on a given area of earth, and randomly shifts the balance of Earth car'all in it. To illustrate, we assume that a)This spell will be used to turn buildings into rubble, and b) That the ground in a ten ped circle is uniform when it comes to the earth car'all in it.

Now, the mage starts casting, and shifts the balance, making one area some say 20 peds UNDER the ground level very little earth. (Makes the earthern part of the ground's car'all there passive, basically leting the other three grow in dominance while staying relative to eachother (If we had 70% earth, and 10% of each of the other, we will after the spell have say 10% earth, and 30 of each of the other)) This will cause the block of earth OVER the affected area to sink down, breaking in the process. Say a building stands over it, that building won't stand after the effect.

Now, to make this a continous spell: The mage continues, making the area he amde "soft", hard again (reverse the above, and add soem more) . This would, IMHO, cause the ground to level back up, causing more distruction.

Less uniform, this can be done at random places all over our ten ped raius, causing a lot of small breaks and cracks. Thus, objective achieved, building leveled.

Of course, not for free. This will be a spell of the 11th level, or we are Matrix. (Revolutions ;)     ) Secondly, it will drain the caster most severely, and require time to cast, (I won't have it for combat use, at least not in melee combat) Thirdly, I propose the mage has to be what, say 100 peds from the area he is going to affect.

And finally, one can make it go in a line rather than a circle, but it would require perhpas an extra reagent to stabilize the spell to stay in line.

Yes, and no aftershock, for aftershock is caused due to the movement of continental plates, on a LARGE scale.

I thank thee for your time,

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Title: Re: Err...
Post by: Coren FrozenZephyr on 19 April 2004, 06:03:00
Hmm... I know someone's ought to kill me for this, but couldn't the same concept be used for:

1) Small & random volcanic eruptions: (only altering stuff Silfer wrote)

The mage starts lowering the earth car'all of a little area inscribed in some sort of a mental circle (so that the car'all doesn't try to diffuse, for the lack of a better term, and become balanced again. perhaps another spell to keep the car'all proportion of the surrounding area constant?) while keeping the water and wind parts stable. Thus, the fire part has to increase at the same to "re-fill" the car'all bag.

The same effect could be achieved by preventing anything but the fire portion to increase while imbuing that area with more fire car'all. But i have the feeling that this may require raw magic. (raw magic- instead of keeping everything constant, a mage could continue pumping in more fire)

Anyway as the fire car'all grows in dominance, the mage could continue to lower the earth car'all of the surroundings - slowly making his way up in spiral from the spot he began. Due to the excess amount of fire in the lower part's car'all  (the mage continues generate the same thing below) and the lack of earth above, the fire too slowly starts to make its way up in that spiral tunnel. Once the path is cleared the mage could basically just continue to work with the lower area, and the rest will follow automatically until he gives the ground a chance to balance itself.

2) creating small lava pools: perhaps by lowering the wind and water part (or perhaps the wind and the earth) the ground below could turn into hot molten lava. Due to the heat generated below the earth above that spot starts to melt and sink down.

3) okay i know this is a bit far-fetched but... what if one drastically decreased everything but the wind car'all of an area (lets say a ped below ground level) would that create some sort of an 'earth-free' layer? think of oil and water, how they don't mix. Then by forcing that wind car'all up (if the caster lets it remain stable / become 'air' / get hindered by earth the ground above will simply collapse. Like digging a hole in the sand) the mage could then levitate or raise the portion of the ground above the wind layer?

anyway... try not to kill me...

Title: Re: Err...
Post by: Silfer Darkflare on 19 April 2004, 06:12:00
Well, I won't kill you just yet, Coren. Your method is in general workable, but would need a whole host of mages to do it.

You see *dum di dum* a wind mage can only manipulate wind car'all, an earth mage can only manipulate earth car'all, and so on. Now, if you LOWER earth in something, the other three will grow by 1/3 of the earth car'all lowered. You can't use an earth mage to increase fire car'all specifically.

As for the third option of yours, if somethign is wind, it is wind, and will be "non-existant". You'll fall trough it, and so will the block of earth over it.

Levitating it, however... I don't see how you could do that..

Title: Re: Err...
Post by: Ailin Ioeil Seafra Cyeall on 19 April 2004, 09:36:00
Okay, so the layer is almost wind now. By continuing to force that wind to remain active (swirl around itself, general direction upwards) then you don't give the ground a chance to fall down. Think of keeping a tissue in the air by blowing air under it

Title: Re: Err...
Post by: Silfer Darkflare on 19 April 2004, 11:05:00
Yeah, that should work, but would require quite soem power.

Title: Re: Err...
Post by: HuunBerbar on 19 April 2004, 12:40:00
If you compacted the earth, theoretically the pressure could cause enough heat to cause the rock to melt, but that would take HUGE amounts of concentration, it would be an archmag-ish spell.


Title: Re: Err...
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 20 April 2004, 13:17:00
A few notes from my side: The way Silfer put it is quite ok, even though the explanations given here obviously resemble more like what our physics teacher always tried to explain;)

Simply put from my point of view: An earthquake spell is as earth as earth can be, forget about wind cár'áll and whatever. Sure, theoretically you can achieve indirect results by manipulating other elements as well, but that's definitely not needed here. An earthquake spell for sure belongs to the Physical Representation of Sphere II of the Earth School, and that means Application and Initiation of Elemental Energies. As Silfer already stated all that is required here is to change the dominance of the earth cár'áll at the solid ground or move it around, and that's it. This explanation is very logical to me, so I'd suggest to adjust the entry in this direction.

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Title: Sorry
Post by: Arcuar on 02 May 2004, 02:16:00
Sorry for my lang absence here. I will now completely modify the Spell to suit the explanation you gave. I thank you for your patience.

Title: The Earthquake Spell
Post by: Arcuar on 10 May 2004, 13:41:00
Could someone please look this over? I've redone it.

Title: Re: The Earthquake Spell
Post by: Silfer Darkflare on 11 May 2004, 03:22:00
Well, the explanation can stay... although you should perhaps try to be more specific, as it will help to define the effects of the spell. (See Arti's post and mine here). Secondly, there is, as I already said, no aftershock, as you move the earth locally. If there is an aftershock, it would perhaps be something like 50 peds, and I am generous here.

Also, I doubt the usability of this spell if you need to be in the middle of the quake you attempt to conjure. As this is a small and local earthquake, give the caster some range increasing with level.

Tis all for now.

Title: The Earthquake Spell
Post by: Arcuar on 11 May 2004, 03:37:00
I've removed the afteshock part, shrunk the area of effect, and made some other adjustings I don't know.

Title: Re: The Earthquake Spell
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 16 May 2004, 07:03:00
Well, as you can see at various spells posted here lately, there is a good reason why I try to establish a proper system here, where it is easy to allocate spells into certain categories and then derive from there what this means in terms of a spell sphere, spell class, formula etc.

This way we could avoid I-don't-know-precisely-how-but-I-try-anyway-explanations like "The caster alters all the earth cár'áll around him" and at the same time "The caster focuses his cár’áll in a circular motion, shifting the earth cár'áll as he keeps on casting." I don't see much of a system here. :veryconfused  

Take a look at the "Break Spell" on the site, which I slightly modified when I put it up so that it represents a Sphere 2 spell. It targets the property of Earth you could call "solidity" in a negative way (reducing the solidifying power).

I would say a negative Sphere 1 solidifying would be something like a "Instability" - intention is to simply make the ground loose by dispersing the solidifying earth oúns within the earth cár'áll at the ground. If a permanent gap arises from that, that's fine, but is only a result of the spell BTW, not what the spell actually does.

The negative Sphere 2 solidifying is the Break spell, where rocks are completely seperated from a mountain wall for example due to a change of quality, not because it is only bend.

Sphere 1 makes earth loose, Sphere 2 breaks directly.

However, an earthquake spell (if you mean to mainly generate the force, not the instability) probably is still something different, and I think what could perhaps be targeted here is the elemental force of earth (like we could see electricity as the elemental force of wind, see elsewhere in this Forum).

However, as long as these basic things aren't clear, many things I read here look too much like a shot into the blue sky.

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